Best weapons in Anthem

Anthem, BioWare's latest science-fiction game, is filled with lots of great gear to hunt for and get your hands on. However, some of these weapons truly stand out as incredible. Here's a short list of what we think are the most dangerous tools in Anthem's loot pool.

What are the best weapons?

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Anthem's two rarest loot tiers, Masterwork and Legendary, are home to some of the most powerful pieces of gear in the entire game. All items at these two tiers offer the player unique perks and incredibly high stats, which gives them the power they need to tackle the hardest challenges in the endgame. Among these weapons, though, are four special guns that we think are the best of the best, giving players that use them a massive edge in combat, even compared to other weapons in the same loot tiers.

Fist of Stral (Autocannon)

For Colossus javelin players, the Fist of Stral is an absolute monster. It comes with a unique perk called Striker's Fury, which ramps up your damage on each successive hit, meaning that as long as you don't miss, you'll be doing exponentially more damage until you have to reload. This makes the Fist of Stral an incredibly powerful gun against large foes that are hard to miss, as well as clumped up smaller enemies.

Avenging Harold (Heavy Pistol)

The Avenging Harold is a fantastic all-around weapon that works best with the Storm and Ranger javelins. This is because the Avenging Harold's unique perk, Raptor's Deadeye, lets you do higher damage when hovering in the air — something these two javelins are good at doing for long periods of time. Having a height advantage is already a great thing, but doing bonus damage while utilizing it is even better.

Anthem Titan fight

Anthem Titan fight (Image credit: EA)

Ralner's Blaze (Assault Rifle)

The Ralner's Blaze's unique perk is Upgraded Hammerhead, which causes enemies that are hit repeatedly by the rifle to burst into flames and take large amounts of extra damage. Assault rifles in Anthem are already great for their consistent and rapid damage-per-second, but the extra fire damage that the Ralner's Blaze provides makes it one of the best weapons in the game regardless of which javelin class you use it with.

Rolling Carnage (Shotgun)

The Rolling Carnage, like every other shotgun, is designed to be used at close range. However, its unique perk, Scout's Advantage, gives players increased damage for a short amount of time after they use a dash. This makes it a phenomenal weapon for the Interceptor javelin, as it has the fastest dash of all of the javelins. Therefore, Interceptor's using their dash to close the distance on foes with this shotgun will be dishing out heaps of pain.

Your thoughts

What are some of your favorite Masterworks or Legendaries in Anthem? Do you agree or disagree with this list? Let me know, and don't miss out on more of our Anthem coverage.

Anthem is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC for $60.

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