#6tagram for Windows Phone Beta

It’s been a few days since we’ve mentioned anything about Instagram and Windows Phone, so we figured we would update you on one of the most anticipated projects: 6tagram from developer Rudy Huyn.

Starting last Friday, the app went into private beta with a few thousand lucky users getting early access to hunt down and find bugs. Since then, the app has had a steady stream of updates (sometimes two a day) as Rudy has added new features and refined any usability issues.

The app is planned, roughly, for a release next week though that’s not a guarantee. Still, at the rate at which the app is progressing and the positive feedback so far, we’re confident that the app will be making a lot of people happy.

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6tagram has some unique abilities out the gate that make it stand apart from previous attempts at a third-party Instagram client. For one, it can handle video uploads in addition to viewing those videos. Instagram added video support recently (to compete against Vine) and this will be the first Windows Phone to use the quick-capture feature. Indeed it works quite well as you can see in our video tour, allowing a similar experience to how Huyn’s Vine app, 6sec, works.

#6tagram for Windows Phone Beta

Other features like Live Tile support (background agent) to keep up on new notifications, full profile support, downloading of images, and most importantly using official Instagram filters will make 6tagram a hit on day one.

#6tagram for Windows Phone Beta

For now, Huyn will continue to tidy up the app with new features coming along. While the app won’t be officially endorsed by Instagram, nor supported by them, the company is evidently prepared to look the other way and not get it pulled, which is good news for Windows Phone users.

We’ll keep you posted on when the app is set to go to the Store, but for now, you can feast your eyes on the video tour above.