Beyond Gravity, a great time waster of a game for Windows Phone

If you are searching for a simple, entertaining Windows Phone game to waste the time with you need to give Beyond Gravity a try.

It does have an endless runner feel to it but you do more jumping than running. The goal is to jump through space, from planet to planet, collecting nuts and bolts along the way.

The Samurai Jack graphics look great, the game play challenging and overall Beyond Gravity is a Windows Phone game you gotta try. It lacks a trial version but on the brighter side of the coin, Beyond Gravity is available for low-memory devices.

Lost in Space

The main menu for Beyond Gravity has options to jump into game play, view your spaceship for upgrades, access the game's settings, view the credits and play the intro story again. Settings covers turning on or off the sound, music and screen shake.

The storyline behind Beyond Gravity has your spaceman traveling around without a care in the world. His ship is struck by asteroids, crashes into a nearby planet and scatters ship parts across the universe. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to jump from planet to planet, collecting various nuts and bolts that can in turn be used to give your spaceman a little more junk in his trunk.

Game mechanics are simple. You land on a planet that rotates and you'll need to time your jump just right to collect the stash floating in between the planets and land safely on the adjacent planet. The further you jump the faster the planets spin and flaming asteroids will appear in between planets requiring you to time your jumps better.

To jump, just tap and hold your Windows Phone screen and release your hold to jump. The planet will stop rotating when you hold the screen to help you time your jump. If you happen to misjudge your jump position, a timer will appear on the planet and when time runs out the planet will resume its rotation - allowing you to better judge your jump position.

Should you miss your planet, the spaceman will soar into the depths of space and scream like a little girl. Well, okay, maybe not like a little girl but you get the picture.

The object of Beyond Gravity is to jump as far as you can and collect as much stash as possible. When you have enough stash you can buy bonuses from the spaceship such as increased jump speed, a magnetic field to attract stash and various space suits.

Overall Impression

Beyond Gravity has the same type of appeal Rainbow Rapture – nice graphics, easy mechanics, challenging game play. It just lacks the ringtones and wallpapers you find with Rainbow Rapture.

You do goals with Beyond Gravity that include traveling a certain distance, landing on a number of planets or collecting an amount of stash. When you achieve these goals you earn bonus stash and the goals give you a little something extra to work towards.

The one thing I'd like to see added to Beyond Gravity that would improve game play is a grappling hook that can be deployed to latch onto a planet and pull you to safety on near misses. It would be a nice touch for those times you're just slightly off with your jumps.

The one glaring downside to Beyond Gravity is the lack of a trial version. The game is only running $.99 so it's not too expensive and while we think it's a no-brainer of a purchase, it would be nice to have a trial version to let you try things out.

Still, if you need a time waster of a game for your Windows Phone Beyond Gravity is a nice option to fill that need.

Beyond Gravity is available for 512MB devices.

  • Beyond Gravity – Windows Phone 8 - $.99 – Store Link

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