Bing breaks down searches for U.S. presidential candidates with Search Wave

On the eve of the 2016 U.S. presidential election's big "Super Tuesday" of 11 state primary and caucus elections on March 1, Microsoft has added a new feature to its Bing search engine called Search Wave. It's designed to show users detailed search data on each of the remaining candidates.

Bing Search Wave

Microsoft stated:

You may follow all the reports about where the candidates stand through polls, interviews and rallies, but if you want to get an even closer look at how the contenders are capturing the attention of the nation, try Search Wave. Powered by Bing Predicts, Search Wave is a window into public search interest for each candidate. It breaks down candidate searches by state, age and gender so giving a unique view at how the candidates are stacking up. See the top-searched candidates at a glance, plus the age and gender breakdowns for these searches. Filter by top Republicans or Democrats and look at a state-by-state breakdown. You can also examine individual candidates in detail.

Microsoft says that Search Wave does not collect or use any personal information in these reports. In addition, the Bing Predicts team has offered its pick for "Super Tuesday" It believes Donald Trump will win 10 out of the 11 states, losing only Texas, the home state of fellow candidate Ted Cruz. Hillary Clinton is also predicted by Bing to win 10 out of the 11 states on March 1, losing only Vermont, the home state of Bernie Sanders.

Source: Microsoft

John Callaham