Bing wants to help with your taxes – provides easy access to forms and information (US only)

For once, if you are an international reader and seeing “US only” – it is a good thing.

Here in the United States, it is the beginning of tax season and Americans are scrambling to put together their invoices and submit them to the IRS (Internal Revenue Service). It can be a stressful process, in which many Americans become lost in stacks of paperwork and government forms. Luckily, Bing is here to help you out.

If you head over to Bing’s new tax section, you can access a collection of resources designed to make the tax season just a little bit more bearable than it has been in past year.

To start, Bing makes it easy to pull up any of the IRS forms you need. Simply head to and type in “IRS Forms” to see quick links on the right hand side to download the three most popular IRS forms – “1040”, “W-4”, and “W-9”. If you are hunting for a specific tax form, you can type its name in as a search query and it should appear on the right hand side in a convenient PDF format. If you use Google, you will be hunting the web for what you need – Bing brings it front and a little off to the right.

The page also offers various tips on how to stay IRS safe. Bing recommends searching for “IRS Dirty Dozen” to see all of the tax frauds you need to avoid. It also cannot be a Microsoft site without a slight jab at Google; Bing Taxes reminds you that they do not serve up “junk or malware in search results and ads”.

Moreover, if all of the tax preparation becomes just a little too much, Bing provides some “tax humor”. Simply click on the link in the tax section to be brought to a section of comics that shed a bit of laugher on number void that is tax season.

Are you getting ready to do your taxes? Check out Bing’s tax section and let us know if it helps you out!

  • Damn taxes. Made too much last year and gotta pay.
  • Of course it's US only.. Why isn't there a petition to bring more Microsoft services in Europe..? Let's start one?
  • You want American taxes in Europe? ^_^
  • +1
  • Something tells me American taxes are much lower than mine.
  • +1 from Portugal
  • Considering US taxes are lower than Europe..... Well....
  • Come to live in Portugal and you will NEVER EVER again complain about American taxes.
    Just to give you an idea...if you earn 1000, more than half of that is taken by the Government. So in practice, you work more than half a year for free, for the State. Are you sure you'd want that? ;P
  • I am so glad it is US only! Last thing I want is anything that reminds me to pay taxes. :P
  • Yeah, y'all make so much sense, cause American taxes is of course a Microsoft service..
  • Greetings from Portugal, where U pay hundreds of 1520 Lumias in taxes, VAT and whatever else they remember more, just to vacuum your money!
  • Funny intro...
  • Very Martha Stewart.
  • There is no Tax here in Saudi Arabia where I live. It's a Tax free country, pal. ;-)
  • Just you wait... In 900 years when the oil runs out things will be different...
  • Tax free country, but you still manage to behead people, treat homosexuals and women like shit, use workers like slaves from other less fortunate countries and making up crazy laws about everything. Your backwards and years from 2014. Good job :)
  • Because Death Penalty has been abolished in all the Western countries right? (And heck, if you're killing using State funds, at least make it quick and cheap).
    What you consider treatment of women like shit is only valid from a Western point of view. For all we know, they can think we threat women like shit for having them working instead of raising a family.
    In Europe people, specially in Southern countries, are being used almost as slaves as well. In the US, if you're Mexican or alike, you'll be treated by many as a second class citizen too. Lets not make generalist comments on someone's country based on prejudice, ok?
  • Well, there are many things I gladly take for paying taxes. Basic human rights, for one.
  • Is there somewhere I can go and study about the taxes. I need to start filing but don't know how to start. Hope Bing will teach that too
  • Go on Tax Act or TurboTax.
  • If you had almost any economic activity it's getting too complicated to do a good job for yourself. Find a reputable independent tax professional. They can specialize better than the big chains and web sites who frequently miss things in the weird tax code. And they'll save you a mountain of time. Beware though that there are many who aren't good too.
  • I hate taxes. We need tax code reform and lower taxes.
  • Hehe! In your face U.S! \(^_^)/
  • Who is "hate it or love it"? Whatever"it" is, needs to get banned!
  • Second
  • Agreed
  • +3310
  • +5150
  • Saw it this morning on my Bing notifications, saw the word "tax" ,ignored the notification, fuck it man.
  • If the tax prepaper lobby wasn't so strong, all that would be needed would be for most of us (unless we have special situations) to check a box on a form or a website, and it would be done. We get all the info anyway sent to us - it could easily be compiled by computers and we'd just approve, in a few seconds. But the big firms want their cut so, on we go with this ridiculous exercise in paperpushing...
  • Always wondered why the tax system in the US seems like such a manual process with the emphasis is on the individual to do it and not automatic, or am i being particularly dense today? :/
  • Because the tax lobby wants all the money people pay to have taxes done. It's the only reason.
  • That and it's easier to hide things inside its vastness. The federal US tax code is so complex that even the IRS has problems getting it right. So politicians can add more benefits for this activity or penalize that group of people, playing on the sum of everyone's general ignorance in the matter for reelection. /end rant
    And it gives the populace something to do. ;)
  • Being European and having a hugely unfair but fortunately computerized tax system, I've wondered the same about the US. I would expect the country that is home to Microsoft, Google and Apple to at least have peoples relationship with the Government all computerized making access and manoeuvrability easy for the citizen.
  • Im surprised that this isn't available in countries where their devs have to file a form to publish paid apps or apps with ads
  • I always k0de the wrong numbers into my taxes I hope Bing could help me get a bigger refund. Oops I hope Uncle Sam is not watching......
  • State taxes always get you. Still don't get why you have to pay up to file those...