Microsoft looks to be continuing to enhance their Bing search engine. We already know you can bring up direct movie info, showtimes, do math and more. Now, at least, one report suggest that Microsoft is integrating a speed test to measure your bandwidth within search results.

A reader of the site Kabir tweeted a few images displaying widget like speed test app within Bing both on the web and their phone (in this case an iPhone). We were unable to reproduce the results on our devices when typing 'speed test' into Bing. However, like many new features, this could be either rolling out or simply A/B testing by Microsoft.

There is no word on whether this uses as the source or is an extension of Microsoft's Network Speed Test app available for Windows PC. Either way, if accurate, it sure would be a handy tool for mobile and PC users out there.

Let us know if it works for you in comments.

Thanks, Kabir, for the tip

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