Bing now gives detailed business listings for restaurants, shops

Bing now has more detailed business listings in its search results, giving you quick access to telephone numbers, addresses, distance to where you need to be from where you're at, and shop hours from its search results.

The detailed business listing now shows up on either your desktop browser or your smartphone so you have quick access to the information that matters. Ask Bing how far it is to an address and it will give you an approximate distance from where you're currently located. Search for a restaurant or a shop, and Bing will now show you the address and phone number of the business listing closest to you.

Finally, Bing will also display business hours as well so you know, before you arrive, if your favorite joint is opened or closed.

Source: Bing

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  • Is... wait for it... US only!
  • Sucks
  • I believe so but try it out and let us know if it is.
  • I never expect anything else
  • That's exactly the same thing I thought!
  • It id working here in Mexico... You're P0wned! Hahaha
  • I would love to know how many people outside the US and this website even use Bing, MS is wasting its money by providing this service
  • Now if Cortana would read the result, and then ask what to do with it... call the number, get (driving) directions (via map), or skip to the next result... that would rock
  • Send that to UserVoice for Cortana. Is a great idea for functionality.
  • That's a great strategy of Microsoft 'cause Cortana for Windows PCs will only "read" these pieces of information provided by Bing. This news points out The moves Microsoft is taking to improve Cortana features on PC. o/
  • Seems US only!!
  • I misread the title. I thought "Bing Now" is a new product/service.
  • Bing Now is the new Google Now's competitor.
  • Wait, I've had this feature for a long time now...... Or did I miss something?
  • I was under the same impression.
  • Cool. Question though. Often I take my Surface on the road with me. If I do a search of restaurants when I'm at the hotel, I don't get a "local" listing like I do on my phone. Is there a way to set that option up on the IE Windows 8/RT app?
  • The issue is that there is no GPS in the Surface. So it doesn't know what "local" is besides what the IP is considered... Which is not really right in many cases.
  • US only? Jk I'm in US.
  • And coming soon you can call via the web with Skype
  • How many people just looked up Augies Coffee House?
  • None :D
  • I'm curious as to where it gets the business hours from. For the most part they've been accurate, but yesterday I did a search and the hours weren't accurate. It was a mom and pop shop so not having updated hours is understandable, but it just made me wonder how Bing gets them
  • The results often are from yelp which I've found to be pretty unreliable for anywhere with seasonal hours and got burned by home depot closing an hour earlier than yelp had posted.
  • I am in Australia and it works beautifully, well done Microsoft, this is a great feature. I am loving the little things Microsoft are doing to make our experience better and better. Now I just want word flow for my Surface and life will be complete, how many of you switch from phone to surface and try to write the same way?
  • I have been using this for some time on my Surface and 1520. Its an excellent resource!
  • Finally! Now need it to tell if business is no longer open.
  • Amen to that! Burnt twice already.... I've arrived at a location only to find out they are out of business or relocated. I call now just in case.
  • I called myself being romantic one day, figure I'll go to the nearest florist and get something for the misses....nope! It took me to two closed businesses. I went home flowerless. Fix it MS.
  • How about an option to "Add to Contacts"? And an easy way to report bad data?
  • Did they not already?
  • I noticed this change the other day with places that I had pinned on my Windows Phone. All the extra info was just there.
  • Wow... Keep it up.. One day you will beat google in everything...
  • Seems kind of odd that you have to enter the word "phone" to get the new result atop.