Bing serves up predictions for this year's Oscars

Hot on the heels of its Super Bowl and Grammy predictions, the Bing team has announced today that you can now check out its predictions for this year's Oscars, which are just one week away.

All you have to do to check out the predictions is search "Oscar nominations" on Bing. From there, you'll be presented which movies and actors Bing predicts will win each category in a line across the top of the page, along with the ability to check out reviews and trailers for the nominated movies.

The Bing team is also using the Oscar predictions to play a little game with users:

"This week, we've put Bing to work predicting the Oscars® – but with a twist: Think you can beat Bing's predictions? Choose who you think deserves Oscar-night glory, then use your personal Bing Oscar ballot to pick your winners and pit your choices against Bing and the Academy."

If you want to check out more about Bing's latest predictions, you can read Microsoft's blog post in full at the source link below.

Source: Bing Blogs

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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