BioWare promises significant changes for Anthem, but skirts specifics

Anthem (Image credit: EA)

What you need to know

  • Anthem is a third-person shooter from acclaimed developer BioWare.
  • The game is a lot of fun to play for short periods of time.
  • The team has promised to make the game better.
  • You can play it through EA Access and get it on Amazon.

Anthem launched on Xbox One and other platforms many months ago, and has since not been able to captivate players. Aside from the performance issues and restrictive missions, there just isn't a lot to do that doesn't feel repetitive. There isn't even a player vs. player mode like the Destiny franchise. Despite the fact that there have been few high-profile departures from BioWare, the company claims that it isn't giving up on the game. Today, BioWare's Head of Live Service, Chad Robertson, promised significant changes. Unfortunately, he didn't share what they were.

You can read part of the statement from Robertson below. The most notable change has to be how Anthem is moving away from the "Acts structure" to "seasonal updates."

We hear your concerns on core issues in Anthem and are acting on it. Those systems require a more thorough review and re-working versus quick fixes. We've got a team working on that now, and early results are promising. In order to address these long-range plans, we are moving away from the Acts structure for updates. Instead, we have additional seasonal updates planned for this year that we think players will enjoy. These events will deliver challenges and chases similar to what you've seen, and are built around some fun themes we're bringing to the game. As I've said previously, we want to be transparent with you that we know more work needs to be done to make Anthem better. We also want to ensure we're backing up our words with a great game you can play. So I don't have any news today to share about the long-term changes we are bringing to Anthem.

It's a shame that Robertson didn't even hint as some of the changes. The Cataclysm event wasn't as well-received by gamers, and given the fact that BioWare hasn't produced stellar titles like its past endeavors, it needs to earn their trust back. It's unclear if Anthem will be able to do so in time because there are a lot more compelling experiences coming in the following months.

For those unfamiliar with the title, Anthem is a third-person co-op shooter. You can explore a massive open-world, or take on specific missions with your friends to earn loot. The title even joined EA Access a few days ago.



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