BitTorrent Shoot is a quick way to privately share files between mobile devices

BitTorrent has released a new app called Shoot that harkens back to the company's file-sharing roots, offering users a way to easily share multiple video and picture files with one another through a simple QR code.

One of the big draws behind Shoot is that it is available for and works across all three major mobile platforms. Android, iOS, and Windows Phone users can all download the app and quickly share files with one another across devices. On the backend, Shoot works off of BitTorrent's Sync technology, which allows users to transfer files without size limits and, more importantly, securely without the need for accounts or going through the cloud.

We can definitely see lots of use-cases for this. The compatibility with all three major mobile platforms combined with the privacy inherent in direct transfers is sure to be a boon for those looking to share those recent vacation pictures and videos with family and friends. The only barrier to entry seems to be getting everyone on board with the app. BitTorrent notes that your first 3 sends are free, but you'll have to pay out a one-time fee of $1.99 to send more after that. One bonus, however, is that it's always free for the person receiving the files.

If you'd like to check out BitTorrent Shoot and test it out for yourself, you can grab it from the Windows Phone Store at the link below.

Download BitTorrent Shoot for Windows Phone (Free to try, $1.99)

QR: BitTorrent Shoot

Source: BitTorrent

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Is this like android beam?
  • Or like zapya?
  • Zapya is not even opening. Its crashing everytime :(
  • Try Easy Transfer and Wi-Fi File Sharer.
  • L620
  • Zapya is actually pretty crashes most of the times and mostly during file transfers. Hope the devs fix that...also features like creating a group and auto wifi turn on while searching for a group is still absent!
  • How do you create a group exactly? Coz its not mentioned even in the FAQs! Using a L730 here and facing crashes even when the app is openand left idle.
  • Yes its crashing everytime i try to open it.
  • Or easy transfer for WP?
  • Or SHAREit?
  • Kopy does that right? For Free?
  • Just for text, though. Not for files.
  • Nops, files too.
  • No it needs wifi
  • yes. But Both mobile devices need to be connected to same Wifi . 
  • I would but I don't want to piracy police come in after me
  • QR code is nice when that person is next to you. How about sending this info via email or text message.
  • Downloading...
  • Find something people do everyday, add some gimmicks and complicated procedures and a mobile app. Presto! You have a startup.
  • Is this like xender?
  • It's actually fully free right meow didn't offer me a version to just try or to buy.
  • It is free to download. There's an in app purchase after the first three sends
  • It says after 2 files sent the third one is when would be ask to buy it.
  • When India...or myappfree?
  • You_ass_A
  • I thought it was peer to peer directly...? It actually uses data. Oh well.
  • Does it?
  • OneDrive
  • Is this from the same company that hides bit coin malware into their products?
  • Um ... So it is easier to setup than the free bit torrent Sync?
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  • Uses data
  • Easy Transfer rules!!!
  • No dukto rules
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  • I hope it free ! Football Highlights
  • Requires Internet to transfer data.