BitTorrent announced today that its secure messaging app, Bleep, has moved out of alpha and is now publicly available on a number of platforms, including Windows PCs.

BitTorrent Bleep, which launched in alpha form last September, is a privacy-focused messaging app for Windows that keeps messages out of the cloud, instead sending them directly to the recipient with end-to-end encryption. With today's public release, Bleep has also picked up an ephemeral messaging feature called "whisper."

If you aren't already familiar with BitTorrent Bleep, the app allows you to sign up with an email address or go incognito, assigning you a private key which can be shared with others via a QR code. From there, you can send encrypted messages to other users, which are then stored locally on the device you are using.

Of course, the a big part of today's release is the addition of the aforementioned "whisper" feature. If you have a message or picture that you'd like to keep extra-private, you can choose to send it as a whisper, which will cause it to disappear after 25 seconds. If you're worried about screenshots ruining the ephemeral nature of whispers, BitTorrent notes that the app will block out nicknames while sending whisper messages—making it impossible to tell who sent the message.

Unfortunately, there's no Windows Phone version of the app yet. However, if you're a privacy-minded individual and you'd like to give Bleep a shot on your PC, you can hit up the link below to check it out.

Download BitTorrent Bleep for Windows