BlackBerry has been revived, does it give hope to Windows phone fans?

BlackBerry was famously behind the curve going into a modern, touch-based OS with BlackBerry 10. Despite the company's hard work at pushing the platform and engaging developers, it didn't work out.

I sat in the last BlackBerry Jam Europe developer conference a few years ago, and there was a lot of excitement. BlackBerry fans can certainly rival Windows phone fans when it comes to passion for their platform. But BlackBerry faded away until the company's recent revival.

It's this which is the focus of an interesting new thread in the Windows Central Forums:

With the launch of the K1 Blackberry has risen from the dead. Yes...i said Blackberry. Now don't misunderstand, I'm not suggesting that BB will surpass iphones or Galaxy's in terms of sale volumes. All I mean is that they've managed to produce a phone that is being received VERY well by enterprise and consumers alike (due to its excellent hardware and software). For yrs BB fans, like us WP...


The KEYOne has indeed been well received, more so even than the Priv and DTEK — touch phones that came before it. But these aren't like old BlackBerry handsets. The company has transitioned to using Android and all the benefits that ecosystem brings. Not least app support for consumers.

Nevertheless, the old dog is fighting again. Does this resurgence of an old, much-loved brand give you any faith as a Windows phone fan that the same could happen with Microsoft's mobile offering? Do you think Windows 10 on ARM is the kick in the pants that the platform needs to spark some new fire? Drop by the forum thread below and let us know what you think.

From the forums: Should KEYone give WP/10M Fans Hope?

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