Bleeding Edge closed beta is available through Xbox Project xCloud on Android

Bleeding Edge key art
Bleeding Edge key art (Image credit: Xbox Game Studios / Ninja Theory)

What you need to know

  • Bleeding Edge is an upcoming team brawler from Ninja Theory.
  • The second closed beta begins today, with progress carrying over into the full game.
  • The Bleeding Edge closed beta will also be playable through Project xCloud on Android.
  • Bleeding Edge is scheduled to release on March 24.

While the final closed beta test for Bleeding Edge is about to begin, there's some exciting news. Players will be able to play the beta through Project xCloud on Android devices. This is a great time to test how the service holds up during a fast-paced multiplayer game.

The beta begins today in about half an hour and will run through March 16. If you're not sure how to take part in the closed beta, you can check the list of options here. Do know that if you qualified for the previous beta, then you're good for this one as well.

Naturally, if you want to play the beta through Project xCloud, you'll need to be signed up and using it already. If you would like to sign up for Project xCloud, you can follow the instructions at the link below.

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