Bleeding Edge gets new fighter named Azrael, patch available today

Bleeding Edge
Bleeding Edge (Image credit: Microsoft)

What you need to know

  • Bleeding Edge is a popular Microsoft exclusive.
  • It just got a new character named Azrael.
  • Azrael is an enhanced human with extraordinary abilities.
  • Bleeding Edge is free for Xbox Game Pass subscribers.

Bleeding Edge is a third-person melee brawler that is quite popular on Xbox Game Pass. The game is a side project of Ninja Theory, the team behind acclaimed experiences like Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice and more. The team has supported the game rather aggressively over the past few months and today, it added a new character named Malak Ali, also known as Azrael.

There are a number of other important changes coming to the game too, like competitive leaderboards, a new map, map mods, new lighting, and other balancing tweaks. You can take a look at everything on the game's official website.

Ali is originally from Lebanon and has a lot of remarkable abilities. You can read a short summary of his origin below as provided by Ninja Theory.

The first memory of Malak Ali was at a crowded family dinner table in upscale Beirut. His six older siblings were competitively debating to a proud mother and unphased father... A life of worldly thrills would follow, challenging death in all forms of adventure sports like cliff diving, chute chasing, sky surfing, mono-boarding, base jumping and more. The sky had become his playground, like he had always dreamt of as a boy, a moment of reckoning... Collectively dumfounded, but funded beyond belief, the team would categorically congregate, and design a new and improved Malak Ali.

You can take a look at his abilities below.

Basic abilities

  • Wing Spurs: Slice and stab enemies with bladed wings. Each hit applies a stack of Soul Eater.
  • Evade: Dodge out of harm's way. Costs stamina.
  • Parry: Deflects an enemy's attack when well timed.
  • Glide: Glide through the air. Expends Stamina.
  • Soul Eater: Each Wing Spur attack applies a stack of Soul Eater to the target, dealing damage over time and healing Azrael. Maximum 5 stacks per enemy.

Special abilities

  • Portal: Spawns a pair of portals that Azrael and his teammates can travel through.
  • Guardian Angel: The nominated ally is continuously healed as long as they stay in range. Healing is improved by 2.5% per active Soul Eater stack.
  • Void Wave: Send out a wave of void energy that can penetrate walls, and returns to Azrael. Damages enemies and applies Soul Eater. Enemies hit on the return are also slowed.

Super abilities

  • Wing Blast: Unleash a huge gust of wind that pushes enemies back, and slows them briefly.
  • Chrysalis: Enter a protective Chrysalis that heals over time. After 4s, if not destroyed, the Chrysalis explodes. Double-tap to protect a nearby ally.

Are you excited to play as Ali? Do you play Bleeding Edge? Let us know.



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