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Blizzard looking into blue screen crashes following Overwatch's latest update

A new patch just hit Overwatch today to mark its 1-year anniversary, but it also looks to be causing some nasty problems for PC players. Following complaints from players, Blizzard has now confirmed it is looking into reports of Overwatch crashing into blue screen of death (BSoD) errors following the update.

From Blizzard:

The developers are aware of the recent reports of the game crashing with a Blue Screen error. They've been going over submitted logs to find the cause. When we have an update, we'll post it in this thread.

There's no word on what's causing the problem, but, hopefully, Blizzard can figure out a fix soon. It's particularly bad timing for players who are trying to take advantage of the seasonal anniversary event, along with anyone who might lose rating from crashing during a ranked game.

If you are able to play, however, the anniversary event offers more than 100 themed rewards, three new Arena maps in the Arcade, and new unlocks for standard loot boxes.

We'll update this post should Blizzard release more information on the issue.

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  • Just played a few matches without issue.
  • Same here.