BLU confirms Win HD will be updated to Windows 10 Mobile

BLU, a popular budget smartphone maker, has taken to Twitter to confirm that the BLU Win HD will indeed be updated to Windows 10 Mobile when it is released to the public. The answer came in response to a question posed on Twitter, but there's no timeframe for the update, with BLU simply stating "yes it will get it once its released."

Still, it's great to see that BLU is planning to update the Win HD to Microsoft's latest when it arrives. The question remains, however, whether the Win HD's smaller sibling, the Win JR will also see an update. If we hear anymore on that front, we'll be sure to update you. Until then, shout out in the comments if you're looking forward to Windows 10 Mobile on your Win HD.

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Source: BLU (Twitter)

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Cool
  • Yes! I might buy another now.
  • Same here. Just bought one the other day for a really cheap price.
  • I want Microsoft to add these phones to the preview !
  • That won't happen until the OEMs provide a fallback.
  • This makes perfect sense. Thanks .
  • Yezz, yezz that's what I'm talking about
  • I see what you did there :)
  • BLU deserves closeup relationship with MS! For sure, BLU is better than top OEMs like Sammy or LG for promoting Windows Phone lately.
  • I've long been awaiting them to finally say it. At least now I won't be in such a rush to get the Win HD LTE. I'll still be picking it up eventually, but at least I'll have Windows 10 on my regular Win HD.
  • Blu is kinda the hero of these third party devices. The most variety, all unlocked, available at multiple locations in the US (Best Buy and Microsoft Store) and pretty frequent updates. Good on them. If I needed a phone for traveling, I'd consider them.
  • +UK good spec W10 Upgrade all for £50 ++++++
  • They just need an equivalent like the Pure XL on WM and I think they'll be great 3rd party competitor from low mid and top range more than what they are. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I know HTC is committed to 10 if i recall. But that'll be on the HTC One for sure. What about the 8X, 8XT, and 8S tho?!
  • I highly doubt the 8x 8s and 8xt will get the upgrade
  • HTC fucked us so badly on the 8X and all the related phones of that generation that nobody in their right mind should ever trust them again.
  • This phone looks (as HTC) much better than 950's. I saw their possible cases on WPU -they are ugly
  • All those renders of the 950 are bullshit dude. You really think Microsoft would be so stupid as to offer their flagship, which their entire mobile platform is hinging on, to be a thinned out version of the 640?
  • What's really special about these phone? Look what MS made after it took over Nokia (phones). All of them are copy-paste-resize (± something) of each other. So why cant these two be "thinned out versions of the 640"? In what ways leaked 550 looks different from MS phones?
  • agree these models put 950 / 950xl to shame .. as eveleaks said 950/xl were designed by nokia employees where they had no certainily or good working enviorment  ( meaning they knew / always had fear of made redundant in coming months ) , hence they are shit design/ no innovation or bold design etc.    
  • He also said they look much better in real life... So, there you go. Argument invalidated.
  • Yes!!! Finally :)
  • Any words for Win JR?
  • 4gb storage phones don't have enough space to be updated
  • That is great!
  • I love my win HD lte
  • I hope there will no be headline that reads..., BLU not upgrading to Windows 10 Mobile after all!.....
  • I'd totally buy a Blu device. However my 1020 is still a solid device.
  • I like these phones. Just need better cameras...
  • It actually says on the Microsoft site that these phones will be upgradeable in the Windows 10 timeframe - it has said this for months now..... this isn't news
  • Great news! Have two of them in the house and I will gladly update them. Now, if BLU would offer some of their higher tiered Android models with Windows 10 Mobile onboard, they might have a Nokia fan convert...
  • If BLU puts out a phone that supports Continuum I'd be all over it. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Awesome phone... Now awesome UPDATE TO WIN 10...
    Looking forward to it BLU... Make it happen fast..
  • That was me that BLU tweeted that response to! I get no love in the report for asking BLU the tough questions??? I see how it is!   Just kidding lol.
  • Still rocking my gen 1 HD, solid phone.  Are they talking about Gen 1 or Gen 2?
  • Whats the difference between them and how do I find out which I have?
  • If the BLU Win HD can receive the W10M update, I hope that the XOLO Win Q1000 will receive it too because it is nothing but a BLU Win HD with the XOLO label and a few software modifications.
  • What about htc 8x ?
  • ive been waiting so long finally they are gonna release win 10 for blu win hd