Bluetooth quick pairing feature in the works for Windows 10

As first spotted by Thurrott, the initial bits of a thus-far undocumented feature designed to speed up the Bluetooth connection process have started to show up in Windows 10 Redstone 4 preview builds.

The feature would work in much the same manner as recent implementations we've seen with Apple's AirPods, or Android's Fast Pair. Rather than pressing or holding buttons to connect a new device, quick pair would allow you to simply hold a Bluetooth near your Windows machine to pair. Windows 10 would then automatically show a toast notification asking if you'd like to pair the device.

According to Thurrott, Microsoft's take on quick pair appears to rely on the same Bluetooth Classic and Bluetooth LTE functionality as AirPods and Android Fast Pair. At the moment, it's unclear if that means Microsoft's implementation might work with a range of Bluetooth devices.

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  • This would be a good feature. Bluetooth is buggy in W10 and W10M.
  • It's sort of hit and miss.
  • I've never had bluetooth issues on Windows 10 or Windows Mobile (when I owned them).
  • Finally, it's not only buggy, is horrible, to connect to an already paired device, sometimes works but most of the time you have to turn on/off Bluetooth to connect, and 30% of the time you have to reboot. I love W10 but hate how implements Bluetooth.
  • I agree except the insider build of RS4 seems to handle bluetooth better. Maybe I have just been getting lucky? 
  • That's likely more about the hardware/drivers than Windows. I can confirm that with a decent BT dongle these issues just don't exist.
  • Agree
  • Don't get your comment. I have no Bluetooth issues on any of my Win10 devices, laptop, tablets, phone. It just works.
  • Of course... They are trying to make my Surface Mobile PC easier to make phone calls with.. Duh.
    Even an idiot knows that.
  • I never got it to work properly, I gave up.
  • There is no reason to ever give up. If it's not working, there are reasons why that are addressable