Bonus Mango ringtones coming to WP7.5 (featuring Mark Mothersbaugh of Devo)

We haven't had a chance to listen to episode 34 of Windows Phone Radio, but we know they featured Matthew Bennett, who helped design the ringtones and sound scheme for Windows Phone:

“This week we crash the studio of Matthew Bennett, the senior sensory designer behind the soundtrack to Windows Phone. Matthew talks about the design and philosophy behind the sounds of Windows Phone, and what that might lead to in Mango.”

That's all well and good (and we hear very interesting) but the bigger news could be that  some extra ringtones will be coming to Mango users this fall. As reported earlier, Mango features customized ringtones via Zune Desktop and software on the phone, so having the ability add extra ringtones is now doable. Evidently Bennett has teamed up with Mark Mothersbaugh, lead singer of Devo (who recently put out a new album) to do a few new takes on the official ringtone of Windows Phone.

These extra ringtones won't be on any retail devices and will be made available via the Windows Phone Radio site. From Sheeds' Blog, who first reported on this and did an excellent write up:

"Don’t expect ‘Whip it’ – or any of the many Movies, TV or Gaming compositions (some quite famous!) Mark has contributed since his Devo days, but rather a “mash-up” and variations on the existing themes and styles of the Metro ring-tone and audio composition styles – which Matthew refers to as their “audio DNA and Design language”.

Sound good to us. It's always nice to get some bonus ringers and with Mothersbaugh on board, we're sure they should be quite interesting.

Source: Windows Phone Radio; via Sheeds' Blog

Daniel Rubino

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  • Thanks for the kind words Daniel :)Very happy to have wpcentral sharing this info from the Windows Phone Radio podcast to your broad audience...I voted for you guys over at the recent wp7devpodcast survey as my main non-ms site for WP news :D at almost 50% ! WDCheers.SheedsPS hoping to re-brand my site from Sheeds Blog to WPDownUnder in the next couple of days!
  • "hoping to re-brand my site from Sheeds Blog to WPDownUnder in the next couple of days!"Great title! Looking forward to it.
  • I think few ppl remember and/or know that the current crop of ringtones on Windows Phone was recycled in part from the KIN ringtones. Not saying that's a bad thing, in fact, I quite like the theme :-)
  • I dont know if anybody still reads these. But which is the official ringtone in the ringtone list?