Borderlands 3: Everything you need to know about Moze

Each new Borderlands game always introduces an eclectic cast of characters, but none seem to capture our attention quite as much as the four playable Vault Hunters do. This time we'll be taking a look at Moze, the Gunner class.

Everything you need to know about Borderlands 3

Moze's backstory

Her full name is Moserah Hayussinian Yan-Lun al-Amir Andreyevna, but she goes by Moze for short. She spent her early days as a soldier for the Vladof army. She specialized in mechanized combat, and as such was gifted with Iron Bear, a giant bipedal tank that she can hop into and control. After the rest of her squad was killed during a suicide mission, she left the army with Iron Bear in hand as she went out on her own. As you can imagine, she's become quite attached to Iron Bear over the years, considering him all she's got left.

Moze's action skills

While Moze can technically equip two action skills at once, they all just augment her Iron Bear mech with different types of ammunition, one for either arm. They aren't exactly unique skills in that regard compared to the other Vault Hunters.

Her three action skills are a fast-firing minigun, a semi-automatic V-35 grenade launcher, and a railgun that fires high-velocity rounds that deal shock damage. These can be mixed and matched depending on your playstyle. Her skill trees are Shield of Retribution, Bottomless Mags, and Demolition Woman.

Moze's fully interactive skill tree

Moze's role in Borderlands 3

Moze is another Vault Hunter who aids Lilith in dealing with the Calypso twins and their cult, The Children of the Vault. We don't know yet if we'll receive any missions that pertain to her past as a Vladof soldier. From what it looks like, she'll likely impact the story in the same ways that out other playable Vault Hunters do.

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