Borderlands 3: The Ultimate Guide

Borderlands 3
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Borderlands 3 is out and waiting for Vault Hunters across the galaxy to jump in and get started. Whether you're a new player looking to understand each skill tree and character class or an experienced player looking for easy ways to farm legendary weapons and money, we've got you covered with a full list of guides, tips, and frequently asked questions.

In our review, we called Borderlands 3 "the best the series has ever been."

Getting started in Borderlands 3

Vault Hunters

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New to the Borderlands universe? You don't need to feel lost. Each game largely stands on its own, so you'll only need to know a few important terms and characters to stay in the loop. We've also compiled everything you should need to know about each new playable Vault Hunter, their classes, and their skill trees so you can decide who you'd like to play.

Borderlands 3 multiplayer

Troy and Tyreen Calypso

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Borderlands is better with friends. Team up with three friends online or have a buddy over for some couch co-op. Players can join a friend's game at any time thanks to a new co-op level scaling system that ensures enemies aren't overpowered or underpowered in your game.

And if your friend has a sweet gun you'd like to have? You can offer to trade them for it or start a duel.

Tips, tricks, and guides

Borderlands 3 item scores

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Want to know each and every legendary weapon there is in Borderlands 3? Maybe where to farm the best weapons or how to earn money fast? Look no further. We have everything from beginner's tips to explanations on each gun manufacturer and elemental damages. You'll become the biggest badass in the Borderlands in no time.

Frequently asked questions

Borderlands 3 combat

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Do you want to know if Borderlands 3 is ever coming to Steam or which version of the game you should buy? Maybe you need whether or not the game has microtransactions before you decide to support Gearbox. We have all of your questions answered.

Known bugs in Borderlands 3

What's a game launch without bugs nowadays. Gearbox is hard at work fixing some of the most egregious, but there are some other bugs you may want to know about in the meantime.

List of known bugs and launch issues

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  • I can't wait. The game looks like so much fun!
  • It's funny, when the first one came out I remember many people calling it "The Poor Man's Fallout". It sure has gained a following of its own since. I haven't really enjoyed FO since 3 :( Or maybe better to say, none have been as good as 3, IMO. Super excited for this!
  • Being a fan of the Fallout series since the first one, I have to disagree. While 3 was a fine jump into the 3D world, it lost some of the old FO 'feeling' that the old ones had. I think New Vegas, while it had flaws, was the better of the new ones. It had more nods to the old games. FO4 was fine, but it just felt like it was missing something. I have yet to play 76. I also remember the FO description of Boarder lands, and that kept me from playing it for a long while. I think that was a poor comparison, and quite unfair to the game.
  • I really liked F. New Vegas with mods & addons, but F4 looks more boring. Will probably pick it up when it is a few bucks.
    BL1 I thought was ok, but have had much fun with BL2 goty.
  • this better not end up how crackdown 3 ended up compared to crackdown 2. have you guys seen that comparison video on youtube? it’s literally worse in everyway
  • It won't, because Gearbox is a significantly better developer who doesn't put all their chips in one, unproven, basket and even when it's obvious that one major feature clearly isn't ready they still ship a product as half arsed as anything I have ever seen. I do think that Borderlands 3 is not going to be anything groundbreakingly innovative, it's going to be a prettier version of Borderlands that might add a few nifty little features but for the most part it's going to be copious bullets and explosions and mad dashes to acquire better loot all wrapped in a polished and hilarious, though ultimately forgettable, story.
  • Note: not sure if sarcasm but just incase haha xD - "Gearbox is a significantly better developer" Don't be so hasty in giving praise sin xD
    The wounds that are Aliens: Colonial Marines and Battleborn are still fresh in my mind and RP had the audacity to call Colonial Marines a "great game" lol Not too mention Duke Nukem: Forever although the latter had a very troubled development so I can maybe excuse that.
    But wth Aliens: Colonial Marines and great game they just don't go in the same sentence, who does Randy think we are? Idiots?
    I do have high hopes but I think I'll reserve judgment until I see it xP
    These new "diamond loot chests" have me worried because that sounds like a premium currency chest to me?
  • Aaaaand Gearbox/2K managed to crash the hype train on PC by making it an Epic Store exclusive for 6 months.
  • So just buy it on the Epic store?
  • I'm not going there for two main reasons.
    1. The Epic Store requires Yet Another Launcher(TM) that has nothing to do with the revenue split Epic is offering.
    2. The use of said launcher causes more library fragmentation (and, in this case, series fragmentation - see also: Metro Exodus).
  • Yeah I will be joining you in waiting patiently till 2020 although with the expected release of cyberpunk 2077 around the mark I fear it may be too little too late for Borderlands 3.. Also with CDPR actually being a developer/publisher I can whole heartedly put my faith and trust behind that they won't do this exclusive bs as they've already come out and stated as such.
    When the game does release I'll be giving CDPR and Cyberpunk 2077 the time and respect that they deserve. Truly one of the last Developers/Publishers that continues to impress me and stand with the entirety of the community instead of dividing it, and I will be doing my part for them and getting that game on my PC, PS4, Xbone and a Collectors Edition! (hopefully there is one for PC).
  • i would have thought pc people would love redundancy and not putting all their digital eggs in one basket. and one program runs along side another program. it's not that hard to double click a different icon.
  • From what I have read pc people (in general) do not like the Epic Launcher cause of all the forced exclusives & bad service etc so they prefer Steam and Gog (which also have more features and fair refund systems etc). If the Epic Launcher would have played more like Steam or Gog I think it would have gained a good rep.
  • So.. 4 player split screen? Yes?
  • Only 2-player split screen, unfortunately.
  • Aww that's a big let down. Unsure if I'm still getting it then, seeing as borderlands was the 4 player guys night game other than halo reach 😭
  • Place a 2nd tv above your current tv and an extra pc/console :P
  • i'm guessing you'll get to unlock being able to play all former characters as well