How to translate 'Eridian' writings in Borderlands 3

Nearly every map in Borderlands 3 will have a few Eridian symbols hidden throughout. If you try to interact with any of them, no matter who you are playing as, you won't be able to translate them. The only way to translate them is to make your way through the main campaign. Near the end, Tannis will give you a device that analyzes and translates Eridian writings. So no, you aren't missing anything and there isn't a trick to translating them. You just need to follow the story.

Eridian writings will be marked on your map so you won't need to remember where you came across any. It's not exactly fun backtracking to a lot of locations where you already tried to analyze them and couldn't, but you won't be searching for hours on ends, thankfully. Translating Eridian writings will reward you with Eridium that can be used in the Eridium Fabricator or spent at Crazy Earl's shop on Sanctuary for powerful anointed gear and cosmetics.

These Eridian writings are not what will lead you to the endgame Proving Grounds. In order to unlock those, you'll need to find secret Eridian beacons around the map, which will have a yellow exclamation point above them like any other side quest when you go to interact with them. There are a total of six beacons corresponding to six different Trials.

Jennifer Locke

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