Borderlands 3: Everything you need to know about Zane

Each new Borderlands game always introduces an eclectic cast of characters, but none seem to capture our attention quite as much as the four playable Vault Hunters. This time we'll be taking a look at Zane, the Operative class.

Everything you need to know about Borderlands 3

Zane's backstory

Anyone who's played series should be familiar with Zane's last name, Flynt. Zane is the brother of Baron Flynt and Captain Flynt, two bosses in Borderlands and Borderlands 2, respectively. He apparently knows Zero from an assassin school that he attended, though he is technically a "semi-retired" hitman at the start of Borderlands 3. Unlike his brothers, he has a distinct Irish accent.

He jokes that he's had a lot of jobs in his past like janitor, exterminator, and plumber, but he's referring to jobs killing bandits and beasts. He thrives on working as a lone wolf, aside from his digi-clone.

Zane's action skills

Borderlands 3 zane clone

Borderlands 3 zane clone (Image credit: Gearbox)

His action skills focus on gadgets and technology. With SNTNL, Zane unleashes a drone that flies around and shoots enemies with a machine gun. His Digi-Clone creates a holographic clone of himself that can run around to distract enemies, attack, and even swap places with Zane at a moment's notice. His final ability is a deployable Barrier shield that stops incoming bullets. Though your enemies cannot shoot through the shield at you, you can still shoot through it to hit your enemies.

Zane is unique in that he can equip two action skills at once. If this is done, you'll have to sacrifice your grenade slot in order to use one of them. You can still use your grenades if you only equip one action ability at a time.

Zane's fully interactive skill tree

Zane's role in Borderlands 3

Zane is one of four Vault Hunters that answer Lilith's call to fight the Calypso Twins. Because he appears to have history with Zero, we'll need to wait and see if there's any specific dialogue or quests from Zero that only Zane can take. Other than that, he'll likely play as important of a role as our other three Vault Hunters, unless we have some surprises in store.

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