Borderlands 3: Every class and how each is special

Giant bi-pedal tanks? Beastly pets? Digi-clones? You name it; Borderlands 3 probably has it. One of the best parts of the series has always been the variety between each playable class. And Gearbox went above and beyond in Borderlands 3 to ensure that even if two people are playing the same character, they'll always feel unique. Their differences are only more pronounced when compared to the other Vault Hunters you can choose from, but each is special in their own way.

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Class: Beastmaster

FL4K's Beastmaster class is a bit of a combination between Mordecai and Zero, if you're familiar with Borderlands and Borderlands 2. Both of the latter characters could be considered long-range sniper classes, though Zero threw some melee skills into the mix. Unlike Mordecai in Borderlands, who could only use his pet Bloodwing as an action skill intermittently, FL4K has one of three beasts by their side at all times. This pet is in addition to the separate action skills that they can use. Many of FL4K's skills make them great for snipers or those who like to stay away from the battlefield.

Everything you need to know about FL4K


Class: Gunner

You could compare Moze to Salvador and Gaige. She's a heavy-hitter and goes all-in when it comes to gun damage and laying waste to her enemies under a rain of bullets. She also has a trusty mech at her side. Where she differs from Gaige is that her mech, Iron Bear, can be entered and controlled as your own personal bi-pedal tank. It's not just an autonomous robot. You can even augment it with different weapons and elemental effects. Players who rush headfirst into trouble, wrecking everything in their path, will likely gravitate towards Moze.

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Class: Siren

Amara has the privilege of being the only returning class from each main game — not counting The Pre-Sequel. The Siren has become of staple of playable Vault Hunters for a good reason, they're damn cool and play an essential role within Borderlands' universe. This time around players can use one of three action skills that turn Amara into an up-close and personal brawler with a ground pound effect or into someone who takes out the enemy from afar with an astral projection and giant fist. Either way, she has special ethereal powers that should cause anyone to hesitate before attacking her. Amara is more about elemental and melee damage than general gun damage.

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Class: Operative

Zane's specialties are his gadgets. From a digi-clone and a deployable barrier to a drone that attacks and distracts enemies, he always has a little something up his sleeve to get him out of trouble. It helps that he is a "semi-retired" hitman and is no stranger to assassination contracts. The technology he surrounds himself with makes him a versatile character that would suit a multitude of playstyles. Still, it'd be hard to call him the jack of all trades, master of none because he can certainly hold his own no matter what he uses.

Everything you need to know about Zane

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