Crack the Code with Break The Safe

Break The Safe is a Windows 10 game where you have to crack a safe's lock before time runs out. Available for Windows 10 Mobile, Break The Safe sports minimal graphics, challenging gameplay and has the potential of being a fun time waster.

This free Windows 10 game relies on your skills at speed, patience and luck to find all the numbers in the lock's combination before the time runs out. The game does need a little fine-tuning, but overall if you are in search of a simple puzzle game, Break The Safe is worth checking out.

The primary menu for Break The Safe falls in line with the game's minimalist design. The menu provides options to jump into gameplay, view the About screen and to rate the game in the Windows Store. The game lacks any form of a Help screen or instructions. The Windows Store description offers some guidance on gameplay, but it could be better to avoid a lot of frustration in sorting things out on your own.

The puzzle game presents you with the dial of a safe's lock. It is your job to find the correct combination before the timer strikes zero. Combinations range from three to nine digits. The more numbers in the combination, the more time on the clock is afforded.

As you spin the lock's dial around, your Windows Phone vibrates as you pass one of the combination's numbers. Some of the numbers have a single vibration, but the correct number vibrates multiple times. When you believe that you have landed on the correct number, tap the center button on the dial and the number is added to the solution.

The game does not appear to require you to spin the dial left or right. All that matters is finding the correct numbers. It also does not appear to require that you sort these numbers in the correct order. You just need to find them.

While I liked the concept behind Break The Safe, the execution needs a little fine tuning. For starters, the touch sensitivity is too low making it difficult to spin the dial. The most efficient way is to swipe up or down in the lower right corner of the dial. This requires a lot of time, more time than you probably want to spend on as simple of a game as this. You need the ability to tap/hold and spin the dial around to have any hopes of beating the timer.

Speaking of the timer, it does add to the challenge of the game, but it may make things too challenging. Forty-five seconds to find three numbers is an uphill battle. Even the 130 seconds given to find nine numbers is a little on the fast side. I would have liked to have seen time added to the timer with each correct number located. That would give you a fighting chance to solve things.

As is, with the dial being difficult to turn and the speedy timer, Break The Safe is a very difficult Windows 10 Mobile game to conquer. I still think Break The Safe could use a little fine-tuning to give gamers a glimmer of hope for success. However, if you like puzzle games where the odds are stacked against you, this free Windows 10 game should work out perfect.

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