, that site with an endless supply of "viral" videos, first came out with their Windows Phone 7 app in October. Unfortunately, most reviews weren't so hot. Good for them that their v1.1, released today, seems to working quite well. The app has a Live tile, but it's one of those "for aesthetics only" types where it merely downloads a new video image. Still, we like variation on our Today screen, so we'll take it, thank you very much.

There's still no way to search (boo) or share videos (boo x2) but for just watching silly viral clips, it gets an 'A'. Even over 3G the vids look buttery smooth on our end, making this very useful on the go. We'll also say that their UI design is quite swanky for a freebie.

Hey, we're always up for wasting time on our mobile, after all what is a 3G enabled smartphone for but to distract us from life's mundane rituals? So we'll give this app a "recommend", especially if you like to laugh at stupid stuff. We sure do.

Grab it here in the Marketplace.