Breaking Ted - Chainsaws and gummy bears, what more could you want in an endless runner game

Breaking Ted is an interesting endless runner Windows Phone game that has you controlling an angry old man who apparently has an issue with gummy-like bears. You have to guide the old man up an endless staircase chasing the bears. When the old man catches up to them, he'll use his chainsaw to turn the bears into a blob of jelly.

The Windows Phone game will test your sills at timing, patience and reflexes. Game play is challenging and the graphics aren't too shabby with Breaking Ted. The game is available for low memory Windows Phones and in playing Breaking Ted for the past few days, it comes across as a fun game to pick up every now and then to help you pass the time.

There is not much to the Breaking Ted. The main menu for the game has options to mute the gaming sounds, view the game's Facebook Page, rate the game in the Windows Phone Store, view your high score and play the game.

Gaming controls with Breaking Ted share the simple nature of the game with tapping the screen to get the old man to jump being the only control. The Windows Phone game will have your character running up a staircase that wasn't built with much consistency. There will be gaps in the stairs that you will have to jump across to continue the pursuit of the bears.

As the old timer catches the bears, he will slash away with his chainsaw turning the bears into a blob of jelly. Keep in mind that there is no indication that these bears are in fact Gummy Bears but with the different colored bears and the splatters of jelly, I think it is a safe assumption.

You also have a Papa Bear who will appear at random throughout the game, turns the table and begins chasing your chainsaw wielding character. You will need to stay one step ahead of the Papa Bear or the game will end.

Scoring with Breaking Ted is based on how far you can progress up the staircase and the number of bears turned into blobs of jelly. Miss a jump and the game is over.

Overall Impression

Breaking Ted is a fun time waster of a Windows Phone game. I do not think it is strong enough for marathon gaming sessions but for shorter bits of time, it does nicely.

The game will challenge your reflexes and timing as the staircase gaps appear. There is very little warning and sometimes the gaps are spaced where multiple jumps are required to safely continue on your journey.

The only gripe I have with Breaking Ted is at times the game is a little premature on sending your character to his fate. The game often ends as you begin your jump instead of when your character misses and falls to his doom. This is not a major issue but the glitch is noticeable.

Overall, Breaking Ted has nice graphics and sound effects, challenging game play and an enjoyable title to add to your Windows Phone gaming library. At last check, the game has just over 80 reviews and a 4 Star rating in the Windows Phone Store, which is about where Breaking Ted's rating should be.

George Ponder

George is the Reviews Editor at Windows Central, concentrating on Windows 10 PC and Mobile apps. He's been a supporter of the platform since the days of Windows CE and uses his current Windows 10 Mobile phone daily to keep up with life and enjoy a game during down time.

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