Breed and raise magnificent creatures in Gameloft's Dragon Mania Legends

Do you feel changes in the wind? That may because terrifying, yet super-cute beasts have been let loose on Microsoft's mobile platform. Dragon Mania Legends is the latest freemium game by Gameloft, now ready for download on the store. The title puts players in charge of breeding hatchlings, training powerful dragons and... cuddling them.

Here are highlighted features on the Windows Phone Store listing:

  • Build a variety of habitats on your own Dragon Island
  • Have your most powerful dragons breed to make strong hatchlings
  • Feed, cuddle and train your baby dragons in an interactive experience
  • Collect and discover all kinds of different dragons!
  • Master a never-before-seen, engaging and dynamic 3-on-3 battle system
  • Unleash Dragon Fury and thrash your way to victory!
  • Teach your dragons special skills
  • Choose your own path and explore a vast world with over 100 points of interest
  • Visit and send gifts to other players around Dragolandia
  • Face off against other players in the Arena and win exclusive prizes!

The game contains over 100 species of unique dragons to discover as you travel on your road to become the ultimate Dragon Lord, boasting your collection of terrifying beasts. Breed, explore, train and battle. If you're a fan of freemium games by Gameloft, you may wish to give this a try.

QR: Dragon Mania Legends

Thanks, Yahia M., for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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