Breed and raise magnificent creatures in Gameloft's Dragon Mania Legends

Do you feel changes in the wind? That may because terrifying, yet super-cute beasts have been let loose on Microsoft's mobile platform. Dragon Mania Legends is the latest freemium game by Gameloft, now ready for download on the store. The title puts players in charge of breeding hatchlings, training powerful dragons and... cuddling them.

Here are highlighted features on the Windows Phone Store listing:

  • Build a variety of habitats on your own Dragon Island
  • Have your most powerful dragons breed to make strong hatchlings
  • Feed, cuddle and train your baby dragons in an interactive experience
  • Collect and discover all kinds of different dragons!
  • Master a never-before-seen, engaging and dynamic 3-on-3 battle system
  • Unleash Dragon Fury and thrash your way to victory!
  • Teach your dragons special skills
  • Choose your own path and explore a vast world with over 100 points of interest
  • Visit and send gifts to other players around Dragolandia
  • Face off against other players in the Arena and win exclusive prizes!

The game contains over 100 species of unique dragons to discover as you travel on your road to become the ultimate Dragon Lord, boasting your collection of terrifying beasts. Breed, explore, train and battle. If you're a fan of freemium games by Gameloft, you may wish to give this a try.

QR: Dragon Mania Legends

Thanks, Yahia M., for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • this game...
  • How to breed Exclusive dragons in Dragon City I have made a new video. Take a look.
  • I wish gameloft would work on making its game engine better instead of releasing all these similar games
  • No Xbox - no play
  • Why is it so? Just don't get what else Xbox support gives except some achievements..
  • +920
  • 520
  • This thread explains why people prefer Xbox integration. #SaveXboxWP
  • Where is the explanation?
  • There is a hyperlink embedded in the words "This thread" in the previous post. Did you follow it and still not see the explanation? Or did you not see the link because you're using the mobile app? If the latter, tap and hold down the comment until a dialog box pops up with the option to "follow links".
  • Strange thought! I can enjoy the game without Xbox achievement support too and that too at the same level.
  • Attention whore.
  • Then buy an xbox! How unfortunate that gameloft is going to miss out on you playing their game because of no achievements.... Boohoo biatch. Why don't you research how much it costs for Xbox achievements to be attached to a game and how that affects any updates the developer may need to provide.... No xbox no play.... Please
  • @Fndlumia He probably already owns a 360 and a One. As do I. He more than likely has built his gamerscore for years. As have I. He has probably built up a community of friends with whom he can compete and communicate with over Xbox live. As have I. Its not just the cheevos that are a major draw for us Windows Phone users. Its the sense of community, outgaining or outscoring our Xbox live friends via leaderboards and in-game scoreboards. It's absolutely essential for those of us that don't want to tie our games to social networks like facebook. We XBL gamers would gladly pay for Xbox games. You know, to help cover the cost of adding achievements. Now why don't you go make love to yourself?......biatch.
  • One of the main reasons I jumped to windows phone was for the xbox integration.. I don't play any games (apart from FG quest for stuff) unless they have cheeves attached to them..
  • Why play games on your phone, most of which are inferior, when you can play on the actual Xbox more? If the reason is more achievements when on the go, then that means gamerscore is more important than games to you.
  • If he doesn't want it, regardless of the reason, that's up to him...
  • Freemium isn't Free!   Dang it Beelzeboot!
  • Sounds interesting.
  • First Dragon Mania in Windows Phone;)
  • it reminds me of dragon city which is available on all platform except wp
  • That's true, i used to play that game on Facebook 2 years ago.
    It came on Android and ios then but not on wp.
    Glad this game looks exactly same by screenshots and description.
  • hoping that it will as good as dragon city though it looks like a cheap rip off of it but as they say "Something is better than nothing" so have to admire what we get cause better game wont come to this platform as many developers still are ignoring this platform.
  • Damn freemiums, when will some influent group of people tell gameloft that its time they stop releasing freemiums ONLY ?
    I mean its ok they release some because obviously a lot of people like to be milked, but why only releasing this kind of game ? Don't they give a single damn about true gamers ? They have the means to create gorgeous paid rpg or rts or anything, so why ?
  • Obviously the freemium model is working out for them so they have no reason to stop. Remember, their goal is to make money.
  • Play it then rate it... You own WP only for games? WP is vast better than Android with its features concerned.... And copy to all blamers too
  • Just because I say WP lacks good premium games doesn't mean I "own WP only for games".
  • What the fudge sundae are you talking about? Because it has nothing to do with the original post.
  • It's also available for Windows
  • Gameloft, no thank u, fix all the other damn games first.
  • i guess we will have the greatest games once Windows 10 comes out bcoz it will have direct x12, and much more better game play games to play.
  • I don't think direct x works on ARM processors.
  • I got enough of these so called free games,already used lots of money on other game.No thanks.
  • Well the air has definitely gotten colder here
  • Cold as day
  • Can we play this game offline
  • I would like to know as well. Anyone?
  • Don't think so. Playing it on my tablet and it reconnects everytime I navigate away then come back.
  • No, we cannot. This forces us to stay online.
  • Will try this, will name mine 'Smaug'.
  • It seems like this game does NOT support naming your dragons. :D
  • I love the people who get bent out of shape because WC reports on a "kids game" that is "a cheap knockoff" of a game on another platform. Just play the damn game, and if you don't like it then rate it honestly. And yes, sometimes it seems the best devs are on other platforms. Well that's what it is to be 3rd place, and if you won't stay simply because you are enthusiastic about the platform then that's ok, see ya :) I'll be here enjoying the WP features that it does better than the others.
  • The game is pretty cute.
  • Looks like utter crap.
  • Mine shows item not available in the store... :(
  • Finally!!!
  • Crashes like mad...:/
  • Yet Another Freemium Game.. Doesn't even matter if it's about dragons or big ass celebrity...