While Browser Plus has been making steady strides in functionality, Browse On showed up with a few tricks too. Now a 3rd browsing shell for Mobile IE has showed itself: Metro Browser.

Developed by Adam Nathan, the browser looks to hit the sweet spot in terms of features:

  • Full-screen portrait browsing gives 24% more page than IE, 31% more page than Browser Plus!
  • Orientation lock
  • Extensive theming
  • Slick management of tabs, favorites, history, and frequently-visited sites
  • Tons of behavioral customizations, including choosing Google vs. Bing for searches and auto-complete
  • Lots of other little bells and whistles, such as searching the Windows Phone Marketplace with apps:XXX text

Sounds pretty killer to us and we like this back-and-forth competition between developers. Look for a video tomorrow, we're gonna go play.

Grab the app here, including a free trial. Visit Adam's page here.