BT Sport unleashes new app for Windows 10

British TV provider, BT Sport, has let out a brand new app for Windows 10 that allows subscribers to watch on the go on PCs, tablets and phones. The app is free to download and offers access to BT Sport 1 and 2, BT Sport Europe and BT Sport ESPN. So you can catch all the Champions League, Moto GP and Major League Baseball you can handle.

Key features:

  • Don't miss a moment of the action with live streaming of BT Sport 1, BT Sport 2, BT Sport Europe and BT Sport//ESPN
  • Live streaming of every single match from the UEFA Champions League
  • Live streaming of selected events that are not televised on the four TV channels
  • Seven-day channel listings

There are a few caveats that need to be taken into account. The first is that the video content is only available while in the UK. The second is that while you can install it on as many devices as you like at a time, you can only actually use it to watch live TV on a maximum of two at once.

BT says it's optimized for touchscreen devices, but you can probably get a nicer experience using it on your PC, too, compared to using BT Sport's website to get your stream on. Grab it right now at the link below.

QR: BT Sport

Download BT Sport for Windows 10 (opens in new tab)

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  • Subscription required??
  • Well yes. A BT Sport subscription. First sentence. If you're not in the UK and you don't pay for BT Sport, nothing to see here :)
  • Then I better continue streaming bt sports via stream2uTv
  • That's fine. Steal what I have to pay for!
  • Sorry .... But that's the only way its available.... I cant miss champions league
  • If they didn't charge over the odds for sports channels more would pay. Remember we are not football fans, despite having to pay for it.
  • If you pay for BT Broadband you have the option of a subscription to watch it on your PC
  • That's if you're in the UK. Which I'm guessing not.
  • Yeah all the sports channels used to be included with the BT internet but they've changed it last year so you get only BT sports 1.Need to pay extra for other channels and if you do,the contract will be extended by another year. I signed up for BT just for the sports initially and they messed it up not too long after.
  • Although it has nothing to do with us in India it's good that the no of apps in windows 10 is increasing day by day. Soon there'll be less reason to stay away from windows phone.
  • Absolutely and this is one of my most wanted apps
  • Good to see them supporting windows hopefully it will push sky to fend them off and make apps as well.
  • No chance from Sky, their android app don't work well l.
  • Roll on on universal app! I'll subscribe if it comes to Xbox.... Providing the cost is low enough.
  • Just checked, I have to have Sky or BT broadband. Shame, I'd thrown them £5pm for it, especially if it still has ufc. Or, even better, some strongman competitions.
  • If you use BT Broadband you can sign up to get BT Sport added at no extra charge if I remember correctly.
  • I'm on Virgin. Considered moving over, but Mrs P is not understanding why I would pay more for "something we'll barely use".
  • I get BT Sport on my Virgin package. Can't use this app though.
  • Just broadband for me. We don't watch much TV, so I just wanted the sport. More for my kids than me.
  • it's raining...........
  • Please bring on the EU anti geoblock rules so I can finally pay to watch things outside of UK. As an English person living abroad there are no ways to legally watch what I want from my homeland, I can't even read the newspaper online if I subscribe to premium part due to geoblocking.
  • Can't you do some trick to mask your location. Does VPN not work?
  • Geolock is fine, remember once in place, you will soon find one channel having a monopoly, as it kills competition.
  • I can watch BBC channels, ITV channels, Channel 4 channels, Channel 5 channels, Sky 1, Sky Arts, Sky Living, Sky Atlantic, Gold, Comedy Central, Fox, MTV, Discovery Channel, nickelodeon, Disney Channel, nick.jr, Sky Sports and Sky movies using an online subscription and a cheap DNS service. Oh and I can read my Times and Sunday times even without using the DNS service.
  • You know what? This UWA platform strategy might actually be working..
  • Is this a universal app?
  • In win mobile store :-)
  • Nice.
  • Brilliant. I get a subscription thrown in with my Bt mobile. Posted from my o2 joggler.
  • Also available on mobile.. Awesome
  • Universal too, outstanding
  • Microsoft needs to fix Univision app
  • All well and good but would like to see the UWP app for BT TV including sport for those that have it. After all Sky Go works very nicely on my devices including the Xbox yet BT TV nowhere to be seen.
  • Sky doesn't have a UWP app. Just an Xbox app. And that isn't very good.
  • This is a well requested and used app, however, I won't use it...still good for the store!
  •   All we need now is for Sky to stop the obvious bias towards Apple! Us Windows users (even just Windows PC/tablet) are still waiting for any decent Sky app. It's clearly not for technical reasons that we don't have one? They have no issue with producing Now TV apps for Windows PC/tablet/RT, Xbox. Yet their Satellite pay TV customers lose out on features like Remote Record and using your device as a remote for your Sky+HD remote (Sky+ app), watching live or on demand on the move (Sky Go). We are also paying for these services as part of our subscriptions like everyone else! They've got no issues creating apps to get New customers (again via Now TV) but leave existing customers behind... And with Sky Q due to "revolutionise" TV in Europe (mine is being installed on Tuesday) and no commitment or even mention of Windows! They really missing out by not developing for what is STILL the most used OS globally!
  • Are you hassling them about a Windows 10 app for SkyQ? I'm tempted to upgrade my boxes but not until I get a commitment from them to Windows apps
  • totally agree with you, it REALLY annoys me Sky's stance on windows. I've got my SkyQ being installed in a weeks time. My wife has a work provided ipad so we can use that. Feel free to spam this thread on the Skys forums concerning Windows 10 support wait fro the lame excuses you'll get posted as to why there's no support for Windows
  • Another post with the link in the body and not in more. Really spoils the phone experience...
  • Finally! So sweet. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Well I'll be damned. My presentation was on a BT app! Lol lol.