Build 2017 registration now open for RSVP code holders

Registration is now open for Microsoft's Build 2017 developer conference for a select few who have an RSVP registration code to use. Those who receive a code can head to the official Build 2017 website (opens in new tab) to enter their code and register to attend. The opening was initially spotted by developer Rafael Rivera on Twitter.

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The Build conference itself is set to kick off at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle from May 10-12, which is a tad later than in previous years. The cost of attending is a steep $2,195, but it should be well worth it for active developers who want to see what Microsoft has planned next for Windows 10 and beyond.

Indeed, we're expecting to hear more about what to expect in the next big feature update following the Creators Update, potentially our first official look at the Project NEON design overhaul, and much more. As usual, we'll be covering the event and bringing you the latest as it happens.

Register for Build 2017 (opens in new tab)

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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