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The popularity of video games continues to grow, and the industry surrounding our favorite past-time keeps getting more and more lucrative. Despite the enormous list of games available across so many platforms, the next big hit is still waiting to be discovered.

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Have you always been interested in video games? Why not create your own? If this thought has already crossed your mind, Windows Central Digital Offers has a deal for you.

The School of Game Design is home to over 75,000 students who are passionate enough about video games to want to create their own. This industry moves fast, so signing up for a few courses simply won't do. Instead, we're offering right now a lifetime membership to the School of Game Design for only $59. That's 99% off the regular price of $5,990.

Not only will you have access to over 120 hours of video training, you can also reach out and receive support from instructors who are embedded in the industry. Here you'll learn how to create 2D and 3D games that can be published anywhere.

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If you've been thinking about breaking into the world of video game design, the time is now. A lifetime membership to the School of Game Design will turn you into a pro in no time, and you'll always be up to date with the current trends and practices. Don't wait too long; this deal won't be around for long.

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