Building the ultimate Xbox One racing rig

Playseat Forza review side view
Playseat Forza review side view (Image credit: Windows Central)

You don't have to spend a fortune to build a great rig, and if you're on a tight budget we have a guide for you on that. But if you're wanting to get serious, there are some amazing products out there to take your experience beyond 11.

So without further delay, let's look at some ways to build the ultimate Xbox One racing rig.

A good TV or monitor

If you're playing Xbox One already then you'll have a display, but if you're putting serious thought into your racing experience then it should be of particular consideration. Generally, bigger displays are better if you're getting into the cockpit view, as you'll have a clearer look at what's around you. Xbox doesn't support multiple displays, so you only need to consider one.

And if you're thinking of getting an Xbox One X, now might be the time to jump on a 4K HDR TV. Forza 7 is here and is playable in HDR at 4K and 60 frames per second (FPS).

The best TVs for the Xbox One S and Xbox One X

GT Omega Racing Pro Cockpit

GT Omega Pro

What better way to immerse yourself in the action than inside your very own cockpit. This option from GT Omega Racing is an all-in-one solution that provides you everything you need to get set up. You literally bolt in a wheel, attach your screen and you're off.

It has everything, including a drink holder, rear speaker mounts, a fully reclinable seat, adjustable frame and a keyboard tray.

This high-quality product is powder-coated black and will only set you back $580. Which is also great value for an all-in-one cockpit for your console.

See at GT Omega Racing

Playseat Evolution


We're particular fans of the Forza Motorsport branded model (obviously), but the Playseat Evolution is available in a number of finishes, even Alcantara.

The seat is fully adjustable to the point it supports drivers up to seven feet tall and has mounting points drilled to support all major brands of racings wheel.

It's also easy to pack away and store should you not have space for a full-time setup. Prices vary, but you can expect to pay $400 and up.

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Fanatec CSL Elite


There's serious, and then there's serious. Fanatec wheels are some of the most expensive you'll find, but not without reason. If you want the ultimate, you probably want a Fanatec.

The core is the CSL Elite wheelbase which houses all the electronics and the motors. You'll get 1,080 degrees of rotation, advanced force feedback and even lights on the top of the unit. Fanatec has a complete system at its disposal, too, with shifters, improved pedals and more. It's as close to the real thing as you'll find.

The Fanatec CSL Elite also allows you to swap out the wheel itself, which in this case allows you to add a specific Xbox One compatible one. Clip it on, sit back, and hit the tarmac! Be prepared to pay a high price, though, with this bundle coming in close to $600.

More: Best Racing Wheels for Xbox One

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A monitor stand

GT Omega stand

If you want to set up a standalone rig away from the living room TV, you might consider investing in one of these.

It's a simple stand that's designed to take displays from 22-inches up to 42-inches.

It's $110 and is mounted on castors for easy movement. This particular one also integrates directly with GT Omega's ART cockpit system if you feel like splashing the cash in the future and getting yourself an upgrade.

See at GT Omega

Thrustmaster TS-XW

Thrustmaster TS-XW

TS-XW (Image credit: Windows Central)

The TS-XW is Thrustmaster's newest premium wheel and benefits from a licensing deal with Sparco for an ultra-realistic look and feel. The wheel is trimmed in Alcantara and comes with a fully adjustable three-pedal setup.

The wheel comes away from the base, too, allowing you to swap out for some of Thrustmaster's other options, including one modeled on a Ferrari F1 car.

It's got a brushless motor, realistic feeling force feedback and a full 1080-degree rotation on top of looking the absolute business! It is pricey at around $650, but it's one of the best wheels money can buy.

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Your favorites

Building a dedicated racing rig is a pretty expensive game, but there are some incredible products out there. If you've built your own system and have some products or tips to share be sure to jump into the comments below!

Updated November 22, 2017: We've substituted the outstanding Thrustmaster TS-XW in place of an older wheel.

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  • I wouldn't say that Ultimate and Xbox One racing rig could be in the same sentance. There's no way you have all that money for the wheel and everything else and can't afford a decent PC. Having the ultimate setup would involve a rift or Vive or at least three monitors. Sure, you can have a very good setup with an xbox one, just not "ultimate". :p
  • It's the "Ultimate Xbox One.... Setup", not the "Ultimate.... Xbox One Setup", you kind of missed the point, as the overall ultimate invloves a custom buils VR built into a helmet, all sat on top a full motion simulator. But most people don't have space and money for this, so they have used xbox one as a starting point, and built from there, if you are going to be petty, at least go to the extreme!
  • I did have a nice long reply for you with dreams of 3 Xbox One X's on system link and the like. But then I hit the right cursor and lost it all and can't really be bothered to type it all out again. So :p
  • Do you often put your PC to sleep during a game session and come back to it days after?
  • If you are racing on the Xbox one anything above the Logitech G920 or similar in price range is a waste of money; if you have $1000+ to spend of Fanatec wheel, and another $1000+ on a rig and other stuff you probably want to first buy a gaming PC to power it all; it makes no sense to invest $2K+ on your ultimate rig just to run it on a $200 Xbox One. Nice article but it should be reworded towards PC sim racers and not Xbox One ones.  
  • I think there is a plethora of people who don't want to game on a PC, they see a console to serve that purpose. It may not make sense to you but most don't want to be bothered with getting "the right PC setup" as there are many intimidated by figuring it all out. I think PC gamers could split the knowledge rather than complaining this is too much for a console.
  • Fanatec CSL is actually the entry level option from Fanatec. The Clubsport base is more expensive but has better feedback levels and quality.
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