Bungie encourages employees to work from home in response to the coronavirus outbreak

Destiny 2 Shadowkeep
Destiny 2 Shadowkeep (Image credit: Bungie)

What you need to know

  • COVID-19, also known as the coronavirus, has elicited a lot of responses from companies worldwide.
  • Bungie is the latest company seeking to protect their employees, by instating a work from home policy.
  • The policy should be in effect globally, and shouldn't affect the company's operations.

With the coronavirus (COVID-19) wreaking havoc in countries all across the globe, many companies have chosen to postpone or cancel events and meetings in an effort to slow down the spread and protect employees. Now that the virus is confirmed to be in Seattle, where the Bungie headquarters are located, Bungie has announced on Twitter that they've made a concerted effort to have all employees globally be able to work remotely from home.

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This news comes just one day after Microsoft (also headquartered in the Seattle area) also announced the same effort. Bungie says they have been closely following the outbreak from the beginning, and have worked hard to build an infrastructure for their employees to be able to work remotely. All employees across all of Bungie's operations should be able to work from home, and Bungie promises they're still committed to continuing game developments and patches.

Today, we have activated this fully remote work infrastructure and policy for all Bungie employees across the globe, with the goals of prioritizing the safety of our employees and continuing to develop and deliver on a game we love for our community.

Work on Destiny 2 should continue like normal, with Bungie noting that their Season of the Worthy event slated for March 10 and Trials of Osiris event slated for March 13 are still very much on schedule, which should be welcome news to fans of the game. Bungie is dedicated to keeping their employees safe, without halting their work on Destiny 2.

Bungie also released a more in-depth blog post here that outlines the new remote work policy in more detail, as well as reinforcing Bungie's efforts to keep moving like normal. While Bungie does note that future plans could shift because of this change, this is a great move to keep everyone involved healthy and happy. Game on, Guardians.

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