Drive through to get the Russian BURGER KING app for Windows Phone

Official apps are always a welcomed addition to Windows Phone, even if the app is not available worldwide. Such is the case with BURGER KING, who now have an official app for Windows Phone but only for Russia. Developed by LoyaltyPlanet, who gets contracted by many food chains, the BURGER KING app joined Starbucks in Russia as two apps available but excluded from the United States.

The BURGER KING app for Russia is mostly focused on coupons and savings for customers, including:

  • bring coupons with the phone's screen and get delicious discounts
  • collect points and receive gifts
  • learn about new promotions in BURGER KING
  • Find the nearest restaurant BURGER KING

Interestingly, the app itself is being promoted by BURGER KING in Moscow as evidenced by these photos sent in. The ability for Windows Phone to attain official app status is one thing, but it is still another to see a company promote the app (e.g. Kiloo finally added Subway Surfers for Windows Phone to their site).

If you are in Russia and like to frequent BURGER KING make sure you grab the app now.

Thanks, Mik

QR: Burger King

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Windows Mobile too?
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  • Seems faster...
  • What the heck... not US only????
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  • These fast food apps should be banned as they are purely advertising to kids. No adult would download this junk, why would they? We know the food is shit, that's why it's called junk food!
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  • I know, right? XD
    From Russia with love:
  • I'm now in a burger king xd
  • Hey Daniel .. When 8.1 cyan update coming in India.. U said first two weeks of July ??
  • It will be available as soon as they release and it is ready.
  • You are making fool of us.
  • He's not. He's NOT in-charge of Microsoft's update release department (it may appear like that though! and I'm assuming you're most possibly new here). People are showing their foolishness by asking the same question again and again . You better keep an eye on this page that tracks the update status:
  • Stop crying for cyan
  • You think Dan works for Microsoft? idiot!
  • Calm down dude! Enjoy FIFA for now... Cyan can arrive anytime soon.
  • I think you will find that WPC only reported on a Tweet from an employee of Microsoft. Facts are facts and worth getting right.
  • Windows Phone is the best OS, but the people don't know it, fuuuck!!
  • Damn right
  • Why only Russia bit selfish just a smidge
  • Market share
  • Yep, the US market is weirdly distorted in favour of Apple unlike pretty much everywhere else where Apple are nearer 15->17% of the market and the majority Android. Just shows, the yanks have got too much money ;) Either that or brand suckers. I don't care who makes my Windows Phone, as long as it _is_ Windows Phone. Its a lovely OS and just makes my life easier.
  • It should be equal across the platforms but nothings ever simple agreed wp8.1 it's my preferred platform all devices are the same side from specs less confusion
  • Cortana is probably going to get her first knockout predictions wrong.. :(
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  • Tim Hortons maybe a week or 2 ago updated their site to show their app but they dont mention what features are missing ie. Taptopay & timmys run
  • Why is it labeled "marketplace", should be "store"
  • Store is situated in marketplace. Lolz
  • Cos it's for wp7 too. Btw, app was on marketplace since 2012.
  • It's kinda the same thing...
  • Haha and play market is also labeled.
  • Good to see more and more official apps making their way to WP everyday. I wish MSFT never ever think of making Android apps accessible from WPs (if that's possible in the first place)... I love native WP apps, their design and uniqueness.
  • hm if germany didnt had an very good burger king app, i would be a bit disappointed but the inofficial app is very very good   so no need for it to be official :D
  • Holy shit! just look at the version number v50. :) Other apps from the same developer confirms me that the developer has a different understanding of version numbering of software just like Google has on Chrome and Chrome OS.
  • Inoffical german is one of the best windows phone apps by design :)
  • Wish we had a Burger King store in Greece :(
  • I hope an official Starbucks app comes out soon. I'm tired of not being able to reload or view my rewards on the third party app that's available.
  • I want the chipotle app!
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  • Nice
  • Can't believe Burger King is still around. Their food is gross too. The only fast food restaurant I can actually stomach is Wendy's.
  • Putin - huylo! La-la-la-la...
  • Wow! It's nice to see this review for our app for Burger King Russia, thank you for it. The only mistake the author made is that the name of the developer is LoyaltyPlant, not LoyaltyPlanet ;)