Buy, sell or trade tech gear in the Windows Central Marketplace!

Surface Pro Microsoft Store
Surface Pro Microsoft Store (Image credit: Windows Central)

You're probably familiar with the Windows Central blogs. And you may know that we have a vibrant community of users in our forums. But did you know Windows Central has a "Marketplace" forum that's designed specifically to help readers sell or trade gear, or buy somebody else's used tech equipment?

Well, we do. And now you know. And as the good folks of GI Joe used to say, knowing is half the battle, right? (If you're too young to remember Joe, just trust us on this one ...)

It's fairly simple to list tech for sale or for trade in our Marketplace. And it's easy to peruse listings for gadgets you may want to purchase. But there are some basic guidelines you need to abide by if you want in.

Our community marketplace forums are intended to be a safe and expedient way to buy, sell, trade or gift mobile tech and accessories. We ask that you abide by the following rules and guidelines to ensure all buyers and sellers have a safe and rewarding experience. Our Marketplaces are for selling, trading, gifting or swapping personal items only. They are not a place of business. We reserve...

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Perhaps the best thing about the Windows Central Marketplace is that you'll often get a very fair price on devices. And if you're trying to sell used tech, you'll almost always get more for your gear than one of the lousy "Sell Your Phone for a Fraction of What It's Worth" kiosks in the mall. (Seriously, those things suck ...)

Got a lightly-used Lumia you'd like to sell to help save up for a new Surface? Maybe you want to sell an Xbox One to help fund a purchase of the Xbox One X when it's released next fall. If a Windows Central reader might be interested, we encourage you to list your tech for sale. We can't promise you'll get any bites, but if you don't try your hand you'll never know.

Hit the Windows Central Marketplace to learn more, browse existing listings, and list your own tech for sale or trade.

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