[Updated] Call of Duty Infinite Warfare is coming to the Windows 10 Store – with caveats

Earlier this month, we dug up what appeared to be a listing for both Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered on the Windows Store.

While we're still not used to seeing third-party triple-A titles on Windows 10's inbuilt marketplace, the listing seemed to point towards a release in the coming weeks.

As of today, both Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered have been confirmed for a Windows Store release – but not without some shortcomings.

According to an official Activision support page, both games will be available for separate purchase through Microsoft's storefront. These will be entirely separate products from the Xbox One versions of the game and won't take advantage of the Xbox Play Anywhere initiative. This eliminates both cross-platform multiplayer and purchases between Windows 10 and Xbox One, requiring two separate purchases to play on both platforms.

While it's somewhat expected that Xbox One players and PC players should be separated, due to the accuracy gulf between controllers and mouse players, it's a little unexpected that Windows 10 Store players will be isolated from other PC versions of the game.

"Can I play Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare or Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered for Windows 10 on Windows Store with my friends that are playing on another PC platform?""No, you can only play these titles with other users of Windows 10 on Windows Store."

The FAQ also clarifies the following:

  • Neither Modern Warfare Remastered or Infinite Warfare are "Play Anywhere"
  • It won't feature any form of cross-play between console and PC
  • It won't feature any form of cross-play between Windows Store UWP and other PC versions
  • You will need a Microsoft Account to play the game through the Windows Store
  • You don't need Xbox Live Gold to play online
  • You can play the campaign offline

Games like the upcoming GWENT: A Witcher Card Game support cross-play between the Windows 10 Store, Win32 versions, and Xbox One, so it seems unlikely that there are any hard restrictions in place which have dictated this scenario.

Going by the existing Windows 10 Store listings, we can expect both titles to launch alongside other platforms on November 4, 2016.

Update #1: A source familiar to the matter recently informed us that the decision to segregate Windows 10 Store and Win32 PC platform players is entirely on Activision. There is nothing about the UWP toolset that prevents cross-play functionality, as seen with CD Projekt RED's upcoming GWENT card game.

Update #2: We now have an official comment from a Microsoft spokesperson which reads as follows.

"We support cross-play between devices and platforms for partners who want to enable it."

We can only hope that Activision will reverse this strange decision, and can only speculate as to why they decided to handle the Win32 and UWP PC versions of the game this way.

Matt Brown is Windows Central's Senior Editor, Xbox & PC, at Future. Following over seven years of professional consumer technology and gaming coverage, he’s focused on the world of Microsoft's gaming efforts. You can follow him on Twitter @mattjbrown.

  • does it have xbox achievements? They really should just let us play with other PC versions.
  • We don't know for sure yet.
  • We do. Both Infinite and Remastered bad game have separate and stackable achievements on Win 10. Some peeps already have the cheeves...   http://www.trueachievements.com/Call-of-Duty-Infinite-Warfare-Windows/ac... http://www.trueachievements.com/Call-of-Duty-Modern-Warfare-Remastered-W...
  • Cool
  • Neat.
  • Well that's certainly good to hear.. Having a triple-A 3rd party like Call of Duty in the Windows Store is a huge plus and Xbox Live achievement support was a must.. I'm glad to hear that bit of news.. Hopefully this is baby steps towards future titles having Play Anywhere support
  • Wow what so I can buy remastered separately if I get it through the store? Thats all I want to be quite honest
  • "According to an official Activision support page, both games will be available for separate purchase through Microsoft's storefront"
  • I hope the "Play Anywhere" thing gets some real momentum by this time next year. Also that more publishers start publishing through the Windows Store. Especially Battlefield because that's a game I have the last four games on both Xbox One and PC, So EA have nearly $1k of my money there. Along with Battlefront. CoD I'm not so into, but GTA and Bethesda's games would also be a welcome "Play Anywhere" addition. There can't be a very high percentage of gamers that buy on multiple platforms, 1% at best. Even if you had to pay say 20% extra to get the "Play Anywhere" version, I'm good with that. So long as my stats and saves also transfer across platforms. Sure the Windows 10 Store has had some issues, but they seem to be mostly ironed out now. All MS needs to do really is offer the AAA publishers a 0% deal for say the first week of release to really get it off the ground.
  • I agree. 1 week, 0% Store cut, however, it must be play anywhere enabled AND do cross saves or cross progress or whatever it is :).
  • EA will stick with Origin, you can be sure of that.
  • Oh they really should do play anywhere, it might actually sell better!
  • This is at risk of becoming as fragmented as the android platform.
  • Sorry to seem like a downer but without at least crossplay with PC (Steam), this thing is going to be DOA, multiplayer at least.  I am not a programmer, so I can't speak to how easy it would be to have crossplay between UWP and the Win32 Steam version.  My guess is that it was real quick & easy to get the Win32 Steam version exported to UWP and running, but they didn't want to take the time to modify the UWP version to speak with Win32 or even Xbox. The posititve thing is that it appears IW and MWR are separate store listings; the links aren't working for me so I don't know for sure.  But if this is the case, I can just buy MWR separately for the campaign and don't have to deal with IW as I don't have any interest in that. 
  • Similar, but opposite for me. I'm only interested in Infinite Warfare. Love me some space opera. :-)
  • Ya, I fear the same thing. Why would I buy from the windows store if it means I can't play against my friends who bought through steam?
  • .
  • Bleh, what happened to pc is pc and play against pc? Now its windows store vs steam & retail?
  • Did you read the article? This is entirely on Activision.
  • My guess for the reason is this game users Steam's Servers for there Multiplayer and other services, my guess is Valve will not allow them to use these outside of Steam's platform forcing them to use another method (either the same as consoles using a host connection or Microsoft's servers). This is my guess on it.
  • Idk, Rocket League is on Steam and it can play with Xbox One and PS4. Also I read something about GOG Galaxy allowing crossplay with Steam. 
  • On one hand I'm happy Windows Store is getting popular titles like that, on the other hand Activision clearly butchered it. If they put at least a bit of an effort we could have had Play Anywhere title that allows playing with Steam players on PC and with Xbox players on Xbox. Now it simply won't make any sense to buy from Windows Store as userbase will definitely be smaller than on Steam. Idiotic.
  • BS.......Doesn't make any sense to me. Cant play with other pc gamers, while I'm on my pc...STUPID.
  • Prob some type of agreement with Steam that they cant have cross play on PC or Steam would drop them. Who knows. Steam is dickish
  • Just so you know Steam isn't a company it's a platform, Valve is who you should be mad at if this is the case. Sad to know if that's the reason and not because Activision made it that way.
  • I don't think Steam can enforce something like that just for CoD when it allows others to cross-play as they please.
  • I don't see any reason to use this store when the same game is available on Steam. Broken store, horrible offline DRM, and no cross multiplayer means no one to play with, because no one will buy it from MS Store.
  • that's not on msft, they provided the cross platfrom and play anywhere capability
  • Don't forget about those refunds. If the game is broken and you're in the US, sorry buddy, suck it up, that's $60 dollars in the trash. Microsoft can't even do their own games right though. I mean Gears 4 should've had crossplatform competitive multiplayer, but nope. I mean how hard could it be for the company to make it controllers only or kbs only. They own both platforms and they're pretty locked down.
  • I will buy it from the Windows Store ;)
  • Greedyvision at it again, why enable crossbuy instead of selling the game twice and getting more money?
  • Odd, I can only think they are getting their collective heads around how all these things will work together. I do hope that developers in general recognize the benefits of play anywhere. I think they will overall see better cash flow is this new world of endless downloaded content, this makes buying content more attractive. I don't buy DLC content as a rule but I would be more likely too if the value proposition was more attractive.
  • This is absolutely huge for Microsoft and the Store. Please let more of this happen. I will personally request Gwent for the Windows Store to CDPR!
  • Not only does the game suck, but now we have the strange fragmentation. Weird. I keep asking - where are the UWP apps? Why kill 8.1, 8.1 RT, and 8.1 phone, when it appears we have the same exact issues with 10? It was just as "universal" before as it is now.
  • Lol its like you don't even try to understand
  • And what is this that I do not understand? The 10 UWP platform was announced with lots of fanfare, but windows phone was killed, RT was killed, and now we are universal...across PCs? Why would anyone want to make a "universal" app now? And moreover, we still see the same fragmentation! ARM on phone, x86 on PC. As a result you see this - no one is making Win32 apps, and this particular one has fragmentation with the real PC version.
  • The said fragmentation as quite clearly mentioned in the article is the publishers decision, Microsoft and Windows UWP has nothing to do with it. Difference in x86 and ARM is there for a reason, they are based on two fundamentally different hardware, I'm not sure they said everything will become one master OS (I think us simpletons assumed so). Until technology advances to a certain stage, ARM and x86 won't converge overnight. Also, if everything was the same, you would not actually be able to use x86 apps on a phone. You would still need an external monitor, not to mention supporting hardware like RAM, GPU and Internal Memory. And a way bigger battery. So your hatred seems to stem from the fact that they killed RT, Windows and WP8.1 - form your user name some might think you bought into the ecosystem, came to like it, and when it was discontinued you feel betrayed. Hence the anger. There are actually quite a many UWP apps releasing as time passes, a lot of them having cross platform sync etc. Why would anyone want to make universal apps now? Because earlier there were no universal apps? May be also because now the underlying code for universal apps allows easier adaptation and modification for different form factors? We're not seeing many Win32 apps yet because the normal Win32 softwares are already available and channels are in place, this is a new market for developers of the said softwares and games, and they're probably testing out the possibilities and limitations of publishing a Win32 software as an app to the windows store. Also they would likely want fiest test the response from public before putting the effort of bringing everything they have to the table. I'm sure any Win32 app you're missing is available as a software otherwise. You're assuming no one is making Win32 apps, you don't know. And I don't know if they are. Point is, it wasn't possible the way it is now, and we might see more things coming in. If you don't like this, no one is forcing you to use Windows 10 or buy this fragmented game. Opinions are welcome, but the useless generic negativity is just jarring.
  • Also, it's barely been a year for this new platform. People take time to accept change, and developers are people too. Its not something that is killing me or disrupting my life, if I were you I would not spend so much time getting upset, moreover upset enough to bicker here. But I'm me, and I don't get upset over it. My response to you is a mere attempt to show you an alternate point of view. I agree that what they did with 8.1 sucked, but a surprising majority of users didn't like it (unfortunately), and Microsoft had to move on to the next thing. Being invested in the platform and an admirer, I could either abandon it or stay on the boat.. I stayed
  • Well the point of UWP was so developers could make one app that could be used on PC, tablet, phone, or Xbox. MS even had code that could take the android app developed and boom make it UWP. The problem was that developers didn't see it as cost effective to support and maintain an app on windows phone when the user base was so small, and certain apps on phones just don't make sense on PCs and make even less sense on Xbox.  Many phone apps rely on location services, cameras, and other things that definitely wouldn't make sense on Xbox. If someone is a home or office user, they aren't going to use most of the apps on phones, and there's usually an equivalent PC version. Like how skype has a PC version. Are people making UWP apps? Yeah, but it's usually just geared at the PC/Tablet market now, which is much much bigger than windows phone RIP, it's just developers figuring out what apps people really want on that, that they don't already use on phones.
  • nah, he understands perfectly. Just ignore him
  • I wanted to but I couldn't help myself :P
  • While we're getting all this I keep hoping one day we'll see a release of the Space Cadet Pinball game from XP days. The original publisher can earn on nostalgia. Also, Game House and Pop Game time waster games!
  • Don't you mean Pop Cap, not Pop Game(s)? Also, very few people know this, but Space Cadet Pinball was actually a demo of a bigger collection of pinball games. It's still possible to play Space Cadet Pinball on a modern version of Windows by simply copying the files over from an XP install.
  • Oh, thanks for the info! And yeah, I meant Pop Cap! I kinda want that hamster ball game and SpongeBob collapse on my phone!
  • Well I was quite interested in buying Call of Duty from the Windows store to add to a growing collection of games I have from that store but the inability to play woth Steam players (if thats correct) is a massive own goal by Microsoft.
  • Activision, not Microsoft
  • I may be wrong but the article seemed to suggest it was an issue with compatibility between UWP applications and Win32 applications hence why I said Microsoft and not the publisher Activision.
  • If you read the full article it explains that is not the case
  • Most likely there were some changes required, but Activision wasn't ready to make them (money or time constraints probably). I, and Microsoft, see no technical reason why it wouldn't be possible.
  • I don't mind picking it up on the Windows store cos I just want the campaign anyways
  • If you have a Steam account, I'd recommend buying the Steam version over the Windows Store version if only to save space on your hard drive unless you prefer Xbox achievements over Steam achievements.
  • Steam achievements? No thanks. Xbox achievements all the way.
  • Well it's just Activision being Activision. I am amazed each year that COD is still a thing. I kept at it as long as I could up to advanced warfare that was the last I will ever buy I think as of now.
  • Anyone bothered at the fact that EA is not putting their games on Windows Store like Battlefield 1.
  • Why would they? Since they launched Origin, they don't even put them on Steam.
  • Get 100% of the revenue by selling it through Origin or put on the Windows Store and have Microsoft take a 30% cut? Sounds like an easy decision for EA.
  • Oh boy! Another Call of Dooty game! Yawn.
  • Did anyone expect a Call Of Duty title to actually be play anywhere ? This is game that chances are will hit the billions of dollars made off the console version.  They do not need to give the games away on the PC for free because people who get the Xbox one or PS4 version will still be willing to buy the PC version... I dont think they will change their mind... if they do, maybe a year down the line to get extra sales...but, no way on the release. I would expect the PC version to have Xbox live Achivements like the Xbox one...
  • They could enable cross play (play anywhere) and disable cross buy, it would help a little. It would just really suck for the consumer.
  • Well that's just stupid..
  • Soooo... multiplayer will be dead on launch?
  • Does steam games have Xbox achievements.
  • No they don't. Steam games have Steam achievements.
  • The article says MW Remastered is sold seperately on the Windows Store but if you actually go to the listing, it says it can only be bought as part of a bundle.
  • no excuse for any of this, controller users can be separated optionally, GTA V does this on pc this is corporate BS at its finest, nothing else
  • PC gaming will remain with poor sales numbers compared to consoles if they don't start embracing outside of Steam. Steam sales are terrible in comparison to consoles. I will only play games on PC that are cross play. So sorry. Activision. I'm not paying twice for the same game. Idiots.
  • I want to support games on the windows store, but I don't want to support store segregation. What do I do?
  • Use common sense and be practical instead of sentimental. Do you know anybody else that will buy this via the Windows Store so you can play together? Do you think the Windows Store is still around a few years down the line to redownload this? Do you think the price for the Store version will drop before the retail box will?
  • Yes,Xbox achievements! And no need for a steam account.
  • This isn't a "strange decision" by Activision at all. They didn't have to build infrastructure for interoperability between networks for any other version, why would they put in what is assuredly not a trivial amount of work for what will no doubt be the smallest share of sales of the game? It really seems as though MS paid Activision to get a big-name title on their floundering storefront, and then subsequently threw them under the bus when they didn't want to build a backend to support something no other version supports. The fact that you'd need to build a networking solution like that to allow you to play with other users on the same friggin' platform is the most Orwellian outcome I could possibly imagine, yet is not a surprise at all.
  • You have no idea what you're even assuming let alone talking about.
  • Not sure what the Orwellian part has to do with anything, but my first response was also "Some Microsoft sales guy got ripped off by Activision". It feels like Microsoft almost desperately tried to tie in some big titles and while most publishers didn't care about that at all, Activision, greedy as they are, took the bait. But they didn't want to put any effort in, probably because they know it won't sell anyway. So they fulfilled  the contract with the absolute minimum effort possible,  delivered a pretty much useless version of their game with no plans for any post-release support, and ran away with the money Microsoft paid them. Shame on Activision, but it is also foolish of Microsoft that they keep making the same mistake.  The first batch of WP7 games were very sluggish and pretty much unsupported WP7 ports of old mobile games from other platforms that Microsoft obviously paid for.
  • "They didn't have to build infrastructure for interoperability between networks for any other version"   Do you have any facts regarding the amount of effort involved in allowing cross-play?  For all you know, it may be nothing more than pointing the Store version to a different set of servers!  It could be that this is a very quick fix but Activision might have purposely done this to attempt to make Microsoft look bad for attempting to create a competitor to Steam, all while getting paid by Microsoft to develop it.
  • Get this garbage off the store.
  • ^
  • I think you should change the title to "Call of Duty Infinite Warfare is coming to Steam – with caveats"