Can you respec your rangers in Wasteland 3?

Wasteland 3 Active Rangers
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Can you respec your rangers in Wasteland 3?

Best answer: While you can't respec your rangers, you can always just visit Ranger HQ and recruit new ones with the skills you want.Journey to Colorado: Wasteland 3 ($60 at Microsoft)Start the story in Arizona: Wasteland 2 ($30 at Steam)

Can you respec your rangers in Wasteland 3?

There is currently no way to change attributes or skills on your Wasteland 3 characters once they are assigned. You'll get a prompt asking if you're sure about your choices whenever you tab between pages when leveling up your character, so definitely double check your decisions. This is especially true for your companion characters since you can't just bench them if you decide you're not happy with their build. Two of your six character slots must be filled by companions.

Luckily your Desert Rangers are pretty much interchangeable. They don't have real personalities, so if you make a mistake, you can just create a new one and select all their skills and attributes from the ground up. This is particularly useful when you wind up with a new companion with preset skills and want to make sure you have all your bases covered.

How do you recruit new rangers in Wasteland 3?

When you visit Ranger HQ, you can chat with Sgt. Sergei Greatski to manage your squad and recruit some new rangers. He's got contacts within the Patriarch's Marshals and various militias around Colorado, so he always has plenty of people looking to sign up to join you.

You can choose from a wide list of pre-generated recruits, each of whom comes trained in three skills, or build an entirely new one from the ground up like you would during initial character creation. The characters will be within two levels of your lead character and will just start with a handful of skills assigned so you'll be free to choose the rest along with their attributes and perks.

If you have more questions, check out our beginner's guide to help make your journey through post-apocalyptic Colorado as enjoyable as possible.

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