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PSA - Canada Lumia 520 owners now getting Amber update

It was just over a week ago when we reported Nokia getting ready to push out the Amber update for the Lumia 520, well at least in Canada. The Lumia 520 is found on Chatr Wireless, Koodo, PC Mobile, Rogers and Telus so this update affects quite a few customers out there.

We’ve now heard from a few users that the Amber update is now live. By heading to your Settings > Phone Update > Check for updates, you should be able to kick off the process that will update your firmware (Amber) and OS (GDR2).

What does the double update bring? Improved image processing, flip to silence, FM radio, call + SMS blocking, Lumia color profile and Nokia Smart camera, while Microsoft’s GDR2 will fix Other storage and improve things like Xbox Music.

Thanks, minh187, Andrew D., Jonah E., Luis F., and James T., for the tips!

Daniel Rubino
Executive Editor

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • AT&T customer say ...
  • Gaaaaaaaaaaaah!
  • We got GDR1 first, I guess GDR2 last is the tradeoff...
  • At least we're in the 3 letter acronym provider section. There can't be much of a gap between PSA and AT&T..........oh dear, so we're looking at 2014???? Oh man,
  • PSA = Public Service Announcement
  • Khan!!!
  • .....where's my WP 7.8 update?
  • MAGLDR! Did it this week to my old AT&T Focus. Don't use the phone anymore, but actually could now.
  • Sorry bud, but WP7 IS DEAD. MOVE ALONG...:-)
  • Why don't we have a Nexus equivalent of a Windows Phone by Microsoft?
    Freaking carriers!!!
  • Surface Phone
  • I would buy one at the same time
  • +920, or whatever model the Surface phone would be.
  • I don't care what At&t said about available in the "coming weeks" I want amber/gdr2 on my Lumia 920 now. Come on At&t are you really going to be THE last carrier to give it out. This is so ridiculous........i guess at&t wants to lose customers.
  • Well ATT has definitely been successful in losing me as a customer. Dropping them like a bad habit as soon as my contract is up.
  • Sphincter say what. . .
  • what?
  • As soon as that 929 hits, my years with AT&T are over.
  • Don't break up over the it in person.
  • Better to break up over the phone than stay together just because of the phone.  Neither one of you will be happy and the phone will sense the hostility.
  • Unbelievable
  • I got my amber gdr3 update here in Canada on koodo
  • GRD2..
  • I updated my Telus Lumia 520 last night. I needed to clear about 1.3GB to do the update, when I tried with less memory available, I got an error about how the update downloaded but couldnt be opened. I still had about 900MB of space following the installation, so im not sure how that works.
    What I have noticed:
    - Data Sense added.
    - Flip to silence (under audio enhancements).
    - Other storage did NOT clear, currently sitting at 1.1GB - Same as before the update.
    - Now shows 4G for my connection, before was H or something like that.
    - Smart Cam app could be downloaded.
    - Call+SMS filter added.
    - French keyboard installed (and quickly uninstalled).
    - No new colour profiles.
  • What about Glance? I can't remember if the 520 is getting that or not.
  • Negative on glance and double tap :(
  • Meanwhile, I'm still waiting for T-Mobile to RE-release Amber, since they pulled the update just before I bought my 521.
  • Looks like I complained spoke too soon. As Anguis pointed out in the forums, and as I confirmed with my own handset, T-Mobile started rolling out the update again. Huzzah!
  • 920 huh ATT
  • YUSS! Been waiting so long. update was available this morning. had to go to class but i'm installing now. can't wait to make use of data sense.
  • Gz Lumia owners
  • Y xboxmusic is unavailable for india
  • Couldn't wait on att anymore so flashed ny phone with a unlocked rom. Even though i has to wipe it, I get data sense and the call SMS filter app from Nokia, :D
  • Where is Premier Partner AT&T when the chips are down? Selling more profitable iOS/Android devices! Why bother updating already sold WP8s? Waste of time and money!
  • no GDR2 update for lumia 620 version .0001 in india still.......:(
  • Smh..
  • we got it in Egypt too .. 
  • GDR2 doesn't improve shit in Xbox Music. Still having the duplicates isuue, same for the pictures. The only annoying thing in WP8.
  • known issue... have the same problem ... I told to man who has access to bug report and this bug is still reported and it has not been solved yet !