It was just over a week ago when we reported Nokia getting ready to push out the Amber update for the Lumia 520, well at least in Canada. The Lumia 520 is found on Chatr Wireless, Koodo, PC Mobile, Rogers and Telus so this update affects quite a few customers out there.

We’ve now heard from a few users that the Amber update is now live. By heading to your Settings > Phone Update > Check for updates, you should be able to kick off the process that will update your firmware (Amber) and OS (GDR2).

What does the double update bring? Improved image processing, flip to silence, FM radio, call + SMS blocking, Lumia color profile and Nokia Smart camera, while Microsoft’s GDR2 will fix Other storage and improve things like Xbox Music.

Thanks, minh187, Andrew D., Jonah E., Luis F., and James T., for the tips!