'Carrion' is an upcoming grotesque reverse horror game where YOU are the monster

"Butcher" is a hyper-violent side-scrolling action game, which pays homage to the likes of DOOM and other 90s shooters. It's a personal favorite, although it doesn't get anywhere near the recognition I feel it deserves, available for both Xbox One and PC. Hopefully, the team's next game, Carrion, will grab a bit more of the spotlight (and then some).

Carrion is similar to Butcher, in the sense that it shares the game's grisly physics-heavy gore with some classic bit-style art, but it flips conventional horror on its head. In this game, you are the monster.

Not a great deal is known about Carrion so far, save for this grotesque teaser trailer which showcases some of the gameplay. You play as a fetid pile of crimson ooze, complete with tentacles and hyper-violent tendancies. The amorphous being seems to move dynamically wherever you point the cursor, animating tentacles dynamically as you shift across the games gritty cyberpunk-esque world.

Reminiscent of movies like The Thing, the Carrion monster seems to grow in size, presumeably with every hapless humanoid you devour, evolving into a gnarly fanged caterpillar of death, for lack of a better description. Watch the trailer, you'll get the idea. Carrion also appears to have some stealthy elements, where you're tasked to hide from cameras and more powerful robotic enemies. Towards the end, we can see the creature apparently infecting the environment.

It's unknown which platforms Carrion will support, with only PC being confirmed thus far. Hopefully it will also spread across to Xbox and other platforms, just as Butcher did before it. If you're curious about the game's style, take a look at Butcher, it's pretty cheap right now too.

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