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Chase app for Windows Phone in the works?

There has been a discussion going on over in the WPCentral Forums for some time about the hopes of a Chase banking app would find it's way to the Windows Phone platform.  A recent email response one of our readers received from Chase gives us hope that a Chase Bank App is in the works for Windows Phone. Currently Chase only offers an app for the iPhone and Android devices but in an email response to one of our readers, that may change.

According to the email a Chase Internet Service Center Rep, states:

As of right now, the Chase application is only applicable with the Android and iOS platforms. We have consulted our Online Management Team and they will be implementing an application for Windows phones this July 2012.

Several European banks already have apps available over in the Windows Phone Marketplace but for the U.S. Market, Bank of America and USAA (opens in new tab) seem to be the only two currently available. Hopefully with Chase jumping on board, other banking and financial institutions will follow suit.

You can chime in on the WPCentral Forums discussion here or sound off in the comment section below if the thought of a Chase (or any other bank for that matter) app is something you'd like to see.

Thanks Sed for the tip!

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  • I need a Citibank app. I've tried contacting some people on twitter but I never get a response.
  • Maybe now I'll use that Chase account that has been gathering dust.. :/
  • I need this app, and I hope chase makes a better one than Android which is laggy.
  • And ugly...
  • Ever heard of Pageonce?
  • I will try it, thanks!
  • Yeah! I've been bugging them Avery few months. I would encourage everyone to keep nagging their banks and credit unions etc.
    Make sure to tell them that sin e Chase is implementing as WP App thus summer you will move your business to them if your Bank doesn't do the same. They hate losing Customers and if enough of us threaten to walk moat Banks are going to have to get with the WP Program! :-)
  • Wells Fargo app is far more important than chase app. Anyways, good news
  • Agreed!
  • Yes! We desperately need a Wells Fargo app! The website actually works in a pinch, but a dedicated app would be much better.
  • Everyone should go bother them for one even if they don't have a WF account. I've sent in comments to Chase even though I don't have accounts with them :-P
  • I actually called Citibank's web n mobile support last week asking them when they intend to release their app on the WP platform.. and after explaining to her that yes, there is a third platform out there (argh!), she said that there are no plans for this. Then I expressed my disappointment coz that's all I can do for now...
  • Lmao, smh at Citibank, maybe if more people complain they will finally take notice
  • That is good to see more banks getting on board.  I am waiting on Ally myself.  I have had multiple discussions with them and they have said they also plan on releasing a WP app, but not until the end of the year.
  • About time!!!!!
  • Lovely! That and ING, Amex and Paypal would make the transition from ICS a no brainer for those who are on the fence. Just made the leap 3 days ago and iOS 5 and ICS are definitely looking outdated in so many ways. This OS is so fluid it's truely unbelievable. I never thought I would say this since my last MS product, Windows 3.1, but these folk's thinking is way ahead of the curve now.
  • Odd, ING in Canada has had a good Wiindows Phone since the beginning.
  • ING makes a Windows Phone? :P
  • Hopefully this is true.  I don't use them, but we need more banks to come aboard.  I'm waiting on KeyBank :o
  • how bout a schwab app!?
  • USAA kicks ass.....that's all I got.
  • Now for Mint to make one...
  • I closed down my mint account telling them that was a reason why.
  • Amen. I can deal without apps for Chase or PNC since they have quality mobile sites...but I can't do ANYTHING with my Mint information.
  • That's good to hear, I use that BOA app everyday. Can't wait for the Chase app since I have an account with them too.
  • Hooray! It kills me that it took them this long to develop it. Many companies say they take the wait and see approach to see if a platform will succeed.
    That is the worst thing they can do. I refuse to buy a phone because of what apps are available. Example, I'm not going to buy an iPhone because there is an official Starbucks app. As a consumer, I expect companies to meet the challenge and serve me on multiple platforms. (getting off soapbox and getting back to work).
    Thanks for the good news WPC.
  • I need a Capital One Bank app, need more users to bother them with me, of course the ones that bank with them
  • Now, all I need is an AMEX app!!
    And Chase is probably(wishful thinking) developing this app due to their ties with Amazon and they see the Lumia 900 sales? :)
  • What about well fargo!
  • Chase has provided a mobile website that has covered my mobile banking needs nicely for 5 years. I'll probably give the app a try, but unless there is a compelling reason to switch I'll stick with the the mobile site.
  • I need this app. USAA already offers a wp7app and its great.
  • Oh thank god! I've been waiting for this app.
  • Its about fu&\ing time....even though I now do mobile banking which makes everything easier with text message still want an app.
  • Awwwwwwww yeaaaahhhhh. This is the banking app I've been waiting for. Chase's deposit @mobile is the easiest to use (even easier than USAA's). 
  • About time I really need that app.
  • Chase please get this done ASAP.  Chase mobile app is the best due to Quick Deposit...
    Come to think of it the ATMs are the best too; I love how you can feed in a stack of cash or checks and it will count it all up and print copies on the receipt.  Nice!
  • They are good, but really SLOW. All other major banks have ATMs like this, FYI.
  • About time.
  • Would love an RBFCU app, but it's so localized that only ios has an app for them. Emailed them some time ago but no response.
  • Awesome.
  • HSBC in the UK are bringing out a new mobile banking platform but omitting winphone annoyingly. We need a site where the wpcentral team gives us an institution (voted for by us) to bug for an app, concentrating our efforts to get real results. Make it change monthly and we will have the big ones in tow soon enough!
  • I am 100% with you on this. I think as customers for these institutions, we have the right to demand support for the platform of our choice, at least the big ones. And I am not one to occupy anything :)
  • Would be noce. I have my mortgagw with them. For deposit accounts, I use USAA, and they do have a WP app.
  • I have an account with chase. I'm excited about this as well!!! Yeh :-)
  • I just want Wells Fargo app
  • I built a Chase app through app builder! If you guys want it, ill give you my developer code so you can download it for free! Just email me at And make sure you download app builder from the market place.
  • Can you build one for RBFCU? I dont know if you need some sort of affiliation with them or what your status is with any bank, but seeing as how you seem to have experience in this area and chase is getting an app anyway, I thought why not ask? Anyway if there is any possibility, my email is
  • Is it a real app and not just a web control of their mobile site?
  • Get AppBuilder from the Marketplace link below, open AppBuilder and enter my App ID, F58ACE , in the Shared Apps section.
  • I'd love a Chase app so I can manage my accounts on the go. Hopefully other US banks like Wells Fargo, TD and Citibank join the party. Credit card providers should get on the bandwagon too.
  • Here's what American Express said when I asked them on twitter about a Windows Phone app: AskAmex @larspassic @windowsphone Hi Lars, it's Olivia. Haven't heard anything yet, but we are working towards it. Will tweet u if I hear anything.
  • Bout' time!!,
  • The take a photo to deposit a check feature alone would be awesome. And the instant wire transfer...
  • Great news for Chase customers!  As for me though, I will just continue to enjoy the USAA app that I've had for a while now that gives me excellent access to my accounts with them.  =)
  • This is an article for CHASE bank, those for other banks need to stop bítchin in this article and just need to either email their banks or use pageonce.
  • OMG, this is awesome news! :)
  • very exciting news!  i, too, sent them a request for a wp7 app awhile back and got a similar reply except with no mention of an upcoming app.  glad to hear all of our bothering actually went somewhere (although very slowly).
  • pageonce works for now but would like a commerce bank app for sure
  • Yey!!!
  • Finally some news on the Chase App! I've been waiting since I had my HD7 windows phone beginning of last year and now I'm here with my Titan still waiting!! Come on Chase hurry up!
  • FINALLY!!! :O
  • Banks that haven't released apps won't know how popular a platform if you don't visit on your mobile device. I doubt they use data from compiled sources and make decisions based also on actual analytics in house. I know we do. If you don't use mobile site, you should! Still, I'm hopeful for chase. The mobile site is functional but that would improve with a WP7 UI.
  • I got this email from chase:
    Thank you for bringing your concern to our attention. It is our pleasure to assist you with your banking needs today.
    Chase will launch a new app for Windows Mobile in early August 2012.  Windows Mobile will be available for customers with Win OS 7.5 or above.
    IIf you have any questions or require further assistance, please e-mail us via the Secure Message Center or contact our Internet Service Center at 1-877-242-7372.
    Thank you,
    Zaidee De Torres
    Internet Service Center