Chase Mobile app missing

If you're looking for the Chase Mobile app for your Windows Phone 8 device, it's no longer available. We aren't sure exactly why the app was pulled but it may be due to a bug with the QuickDeposit feature.

QuickDeposit is a feature that lets you deposit checks by snapping a photo of the check. Apparently the images of checks taken with a Windows Phone 8 device are saved to your Pictures Hub. Not sure if it's a case that the images are sent to the Pictures Hub instead of transmitted to Chase but whatever the reason, it's preventing QuickDeposit from working properly.

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If you are currently running the Chase Mobile app on your Windows Phone 8 device, you should be able to use the other features but QuickDeposit is out. Chase is recommending that you delete any saved images of checks that are on your Windows Phone or saved on Skydrive.

Not sure if this is reason behind the app being pulled.  Regardless of the reason, hopefully a quick fix can be implemented and the Chase Mobile app and QuickDeposit will be back up soon

Thanks, cooperma and Mateo, for the tip!