Check out SyFy Now, Telemundo Now and USA Now in the Windows Store

Last week a few new apps came to the Windows Store that you might have missed. They’re all related and come to us from media and entertainment company NBCUniversal. This is the mega company that powers and controls such networks in the United States like NBC News, CNBC, MSNB, The Weather Channel NBC Sports, Syfy, E!, USA Network, Telemundo and more. We already have NBC Sports on Windows 8, but now we get three new apps for Syfy, Telemundo and USA.


USA Network, commonly just called USA, is a cable channel here in the U.S. that offers original programming. With the Windows 8 app you can watch shows like Psych, Suits, and White Collar. Though you’ll need to login with the TV provider credentials. The app sadly doesn’t support multiple window sizes that other apps designed for Windows 8.1 do.

Download USA Now from the Windows Store (opens in new tab).

Syfy Now

Want to get your fix of science fiction, drama, the supernatural and horror? Then you’re probably a fan of the Syfy channel. Syfy now allows you to watch shows like Ghost Hunter, Continuum, Being Human, Stranded and more. Like USA Now, there’s no Windows 8.1 features in this app. Unlike USA Now, you don’t need to log in with your TV provider credentials to watch some of the programs, though some shows will require that login.

Download SyFy Now from the Windows Store (opens in new tab).

Telemundo Now

Looking to get your fix of Telemundo novelas and shows? Then Telemundo Now is for you. Sadly no Windows 8.1 features, but you can get access to some shows without having your TV provider authentication. Full episodes are available to you for shows like Avenida Brasil, La Impostora, Santa Diablo and more.

Download Telemundo Now from the Windows Store (opens in new tab).

Let us know what you think of the apps. We’re really bummed they’re missing out on some basic Windows 8.1 functionality that you can get in other apps from NBCUniversal like NBC Sports Live Extra.

Thanks for the tips everyone!

  • Telemundo!
  • Great, now where's that miracast support?
  • What's with the empty, Green Xbox live tile??? I have it as well
  • Yeah, I have that too. I had to turn off live tile for the Xbox Games app. It's like nothing Xbox receives the required love on Windows. C'mon Microsoft!
  • Do you have an Xbox One?
  • Syfy, hope it won't just be clips..
  • If it's anything like the Xbox 360 app it'll be terrible.
  • It has full episodes, the limited content that it has won't play for me keeps saying unknown error. Added content requires authentication to a provider which sucks for cable cutter like me. Was hoping to catch FaceOff episodes but I guess ill have to stick to Hulu browser site.
  • Should have been Syfy Sync instead of a knockoff video player.
  • When we will have a unified wp8\win8 windows store
  • windows phone version plzzzzzz
  • There is a WP version. I couldn't find in search on the WP store earlier, but I downloaded USA Now & Syfy Now... before deleting them because I don't watch any of their shows... but they are there.
    USA Now link:
    Syfy Now link:
  • Now?
  • Not now.
  • Just combine the stores already MS.. don't know what ms was thinking when they came up with Windows phone...
  • Dude. It's harder than it looks. getting it to scale PROPERLY on a tablet, desktop/laptop and phone is a very complicated process
  • Poor planning on Microsoft's part. After Windows Phone 7 they should have done this. Sometimes I wonder. Anywho, good job NBC and hope to see some improvements after the Spring Update.
  • All of these are also available for Windows Phone for the ones asking. Just downloaded telemundo now. Will be great to have to compensate for my unreliable antenna reception of the station. I think it's stupid that a TV provider is required to watch content that's available over the air for free.
  • Its not available everywhere OTA like ABC, CBS, NBC, etc.
  • Then they should require people who live in a market where its not available by antenna to have a TV provider. Through location services and IP they can actually implement that.
  • I will not use any of these apps. But I thank NBC for the continuing support. I currently use NBC SPORTS and Their NBC News app. Thanks and keep it up, especially updating that Sports app :-)
  • SyFy Now looks lame.
  • SyFy is lame, period. SciFi was awesome back when Stargate SG1, Atlantis, and BSG reigned supreme.
  • Glad to see that I'm not the only one with a broken Games live tile.
  • Pssh, I'm still waiting for my fix on Fuego En La Sangre on UníMas. UníMas Now!!
  • You will have to talk to Haim Saban and Univisión Communications in regards to that.
  • The Syfy Now app is worthless.  None of the shows worth watching are available with out a service provider login.  The ones that do allow streaming crash from time to time.  Don't bother with this app!
  • Downoladed the app, and it just doesnt work. It either goes around in a continuous loop ar it just closes. Worthless
  • Syfy Now works fine for me so far on my phone and Tablet now I can catch up on FaceOff and I'm wondering why people with no cable are complaining most apps like this ask you to sign into your provider HBO Go isn't letting anyone stream without a HBO subscription what's the difference