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Check out what catching Pokémon in HoloLens could look like

You've been wondering how cool it would be to catch Pokémon in a HoloLens, right? Well, developer CapitolaVR got their hands on a HoloLens and quickly began coding up the experience to see how it would work out. Having only just received the unit the day before, CapitolaVR was able to get a concept of the game working on the HoloLens, and captured video of it to show everyone.

As noted by RoadtoVR, this is just merely a concept at this time, and the developer has not confirmed any plans to take it further than that. It is still pretty cool to see what developers, even new ones to the system, can do with the HoloLens Development Kit and continue to push the limits of the reality that we know.

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  • Challenge accepted.
  •   #Kappa
  • #barniestinson
  • Pointless due HoloLens hardware limitations.
  • Such as?
  • No GPS, no cellular, no battery life etc.
  • Its on dev edition ... Probably when the final product comes out it will have those since it's the basic consumers' needs
  • haha Pokemon GO will die after the HYPE is gone :)
  • It wont die... Since there are a lot of pokemon fans.. It will just lessen in terms of active users
  • sort of like windows 10 mobile....
  • This...
  • Hololens can entertain in many other different ways with even more excitement.
    Rest being a Pokemon fan or if you like to roam around here and there, their is no other of those who will continue it for long time.
  • I've brought lots of ice for this burn. Gather around! Gather around!
  • Wouldn't it be really important for devs to have access to those things? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • The absence of no GPS and no cellular can easily be solved by having a communication channel (such as bluetooth) to you mobile phone.
  • That's not the point.  Point is they are encouraging OEMs or MS to comeup with a more consumer friendly type of Hololens.  No one made something that is perfect the first time.
  • The only thing that is pointless is your comment, as usual.
  • Yes because proof of concept projects are pointless. Never can tell if you're trolling or really do lack critical thinking skills.
  • The Pokemon ship has sailed without WM10
  • Perhaps Pokemon ship sinks, then it could meet W10M ship.
  • ^^^^Funny, and so true
  • Would it not be easier to put traps and poison down? Just saying...
  • An AR headset is definitely the way this game is meant to be played. It would be more immersive and much safer.
  • Possibly why they are going to support cardboard. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Cardboard is VR, and it limits your vision even more. AR would be a better fit.
  • Either way, Cardboard is currently in consumers hands and Daydream will be here very soon. The potential audience is anyone with an Android phone while Hololens is still a unicorn. Pokemon would work fine on VR although it could be better with AR. It does seem likely they will add AR to Daydream eventually, especially with Project Tango.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! would be better than pokemon
  • I love Yu-Gi-Oh!
  • Till now the dev has not shown any signal to make moveable yu-gi-ho . They are life size but only statues.
  • Pokémon - Where kids prepare their minds for illegal dog fight participation
  • That's a slippery slope
  • What a negative mind... Poor kids under you
  • lol Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Pokemon and yugi oh is better. But its impossible to buy that hololens than android phone lol.
  • Why are we talking about this when we can't even get the app in the store ?
  • Miguel,  thats the microsoft user way.  Talk about all the stuff they don't have, want,  sort of have using 3rd party crap...instead of speaking with their wallets and moving to another platform and making microsoft push to get this stuff.   Its a catch 22.  They (ms users),  want all the cool stuff,  but won't bail on MS to get it.   etc. 
  • You are right that it's Catch22. However, leaving the platform gives devs less incentive to bring applications. Also, Nantic Labs (dev) is owned by Alphabet (Google's parent company), so not likely to see a MS port anytime soon, as seen by how many other Google apps you can get in Windows Mobile.
  • It's more like not bailing on MS because some people don't want to spend hard-earned money on another device that they won't like as much. Personal preference is a thing you know. Also, MS already pushed for apps and opened up their wallets and it resulted in poor quality 1st party apps that the companies published, never told anyone about, then abandoned while trying to hold MS ransom.
  • In the Android and iOS communities, people do things. In the Windows community, people dream about them. Write it down... on a t-shirt.
  • In the Android and iOS communities, people do things. In the Windows community, people do other things. That's really all there is to it. I'd still rather play Minecraft or GTASA than this.
  • I can do that on my IOS devices as well.  funny that!
  • I can do them on Windows Phones too. Woah :o
  • You can't play pokemon GO!  You were making a point that you could play minecraft and GTA and I just wanted ot make sure you understood that those are available on IOS.   plus A whole lot more!
  • Hope ios and android users help windows in getting dev support rather than bashing the platform because we like windows.
  • When have you ever heard of or seen an iOS or android User or tech writer say anything positive or try to help windows do anything thing? This is why some windows use here have negative things to day about apple and android (I'm not one of them, because I use the platform I like and refuse to let the trolls who come to this site despite not using the platform bother me; they thrive on it and I won't give them the satisfaction, besides, I'd rather post the complaints directly on Satya and Terry Myserson's twitter pages hoping at some point they will listen; I wish others here would do it too, but in a civilised manner)
  • NEVER worked.  Will never work....I was a microsoft user 110%.   but these past few months...I jumped ship.   The grass is truly greener on the other side OMG.  trust me.  MS is in a downward spiral,  yes they are making more profits because that knob Nutella is charging MS users for every service used.  instead of buying a MS office disk,  now you buy a monthly or yearly subscription.  etc.   He is rapeing you and you don't even know it.   Plus the money they are making behind your back with your information....WOW.  Just WOW!   I opened my eyes to what they are doing and i bailed.   MS is a joke company now.  wait till all the corporate accounts move to 10.   all their information will be viewed by MS at will. 
  • "wait till all the corporate accounts move to 10.   all their information will be viewed by MS at will" Hmm, and how will that work? Bonus points if you can answer without linking to a Gordon Kelly article.
  • Some people always **** where not to ****. Lol
  • BULLmer got out while on a high note
  • It's hard to trust someone who goes on a paranoid rant. Just saying...
  • does it still get access to your personal Data?
  • YES!
  • No.
  • YES!
  • Pokémon go alternative:
    Monster Buster: World Invasion
  • just like everything else on windows mobile platform....5 users!
  • That game he linked has over 3,800 reviews. I'm pretty sure that doesn't equate to 5 users.
  • Pokemon had 3800 downloads in about 5 seconds.  
  • Still doesn't change the fact that your statement was inaccurate.
  • Lol are you really trying to argue against an obvious exaggeration?
  • Yeah really!    Typical MS user,  try even argue and discredit a blatent over exaggeration.  Ok,  I will use real numbers.  3800 users for the FAKE pokemon,  20 million users for the REAL pokemon.   There,  is that better? 
  • I like that they demoed this, but I think it misrepresents the potential. It didn't look much different than the existing game on a phone. I was thinking the true potential of a Hololens version would be it's spatial awareness. So, for example, when an object is between the pokemon and the viewer, the pokemon is not visible until the viewer navigates around the object, or that object moves out of the way. In the video, someone walks across the camera and the pokemon just overlays them. Hopefully they keep playing with it.
  • For starters have fun with what hololens can provide right now.
    The thing you mentioned is only limited right now because hololens does not map the spatial environment continuously. In some devs app it does not even do that again and again. Only those which are made by MS do.
    So wait for the next gen, hardware is limited right now
  • Cool, did not know that.
  • Uhm, I'm pretty sure it does. Didn't you see that video where someone had made an app to measure things in realtime. I'm sure it's just because the dev didn't implement continuos mapping. It looks just as crappy as the phone app. I really wish they had taken AR to the next level, graphics wise, but I guess they just want it out to as much phones as possible...
  • as i mentioned, it is only limited, but it does exists. dev just not applied it here but some do. and remember it is just concept, not the actual thing.
  • What? You just wrote that it was a hardware limitation... Why reply in the first place then.
  • it is limited to do it continusly (like doing it every sec). some apps do it every 5 secs (heard a dev on youtube videos) some just relay on the one mapped in the starting of the map. some also adjust it with their own algorithms. it is all on the devs. the finest i have seen is in "fragments". but that is not also continuous.
  • They banged out this PoC in A DAY. When your coding skills reach this level, then you can talk about how something could be done.
  • It doesn't look much like the real Pokemon Go though.
  • Actually there is a vid on youtube that demoed what you are thinking
  • People play Pokemon Go mostly because the mobile game platform, not the Pokemon franchise itself. Many people when I was a kid was mocking me because I collect pokemon cards and Tazoz (Indonesian will understand this), and now they looks so "cool" because walking around watching their "yellow screen" catching Pokémon is a trend now. Maybe 3 months from now Digimon would come also, or maybe other childhood franchise. I don't know. When I played it back then people called me a baby, but when they playing it now, it's called awesome. Time will tell boys...
  • I hate the fact people refer to Pokemon as a kids or baby's game. I've played it, got my daughter into it and then stole her game because she wasn't really into it after a long while. The game can be kid-ish but I don't think it's only for babies, or for the young.
  • Don't listen to what haters think or be bothered by it, enjoy your game. Any game that becomes popular but doesn't come to Windows phone, some here are going to bash it in childish ways. Just ignore them.
  • Pokémon is for everyone. It drives me crazy also when people claim it's for kids. Those are the folks who only know about the show and don't realize that the main series games have a lot of depth. Pokémon Go is an extremely simplistic but fun take on the series and it would be nice if it makes it to Windows.
  • I totally agree! When I was at school when Pokemon came out, I had the entire card collection. Unfortunately, they decided to released a whole new bunch of Pokemon which kinda ruined it. Do you know how long it took to get a bloody Charizard?? At the time that was the daddy of all the Pokemon cards. Pokemon Go seems like a new refresher for us older/original player who weren't spoiled by the stupid cartoons.
  • I remember everyone going crazy over obtaining the Ancient Mew card. That thing was worth $100 at one time. Then they gave them out in spades when the first Pokémon movie with Mewtwo came to theaters and people had a meltdown. The Pokémon show has gotten better over the years (Pokémon Black and White was pretty good) but Ash is still a meh trainer.
  • Bad pikachu!  Stop humping his leg!  Pikachu leg hump at 0:22
  • Lol
  • Neat !
  • Good try but wonder whether Nintendo will give a shot in Xbox. Anyways nice video but kinda dizzy...
  • Of coruse not,  they are not complete idiots like microsoft.  Keep your products on your platform.  unlike microsoft,  hey,  this "product" is a game changer,  and would turn our compnany around in "whatever" area,  lets give it to the competiton!  yeah!...that works great! 
  •   Respectfully.. do you have anything... a hobby? God? Job? Occupation maybe? that could preoccupy your time as opposed to wasting it on this forum?