Check out what catching Pokémon in HoloLens could look like

You've been wondering how cool it would be to catch Pokémon in a HoloLens, right? Well, developer CapitolaVR got their hands on a HoloLens and quickly began coding up the experience to see how it would work out. Having only just received the unit the day before, CapitolaVR was able to get a concept of the game working on the HoloLens, and captured video of it to show everyone.

As noted by RoadtoVR, this is just merely a concept at this time, and the developer has not confirmed any plans to take it further than that. It is still pretty cool to see what developers, even new ones to the system, can do with the HoloLens Development Kit and continue to push the limits of the reality that we know.

Jared DiPane

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