Chicken Story 2 VIP for Windows Phone, this week's myAppFree Deal

Chicken Story 2 VIP is a unique physics based Windows Phone game where you are trying to save your chicken's eggs from a pack of evil monkeys. To do so, you will have to navigate your chicken safely to the nest to protect the eggs and dispatch the monkeys from the game screen.

The game offers up 125 levels of challenging game play and hundreds of user-generated levels. The VIP version of Chicken Story 2 is ad-free and typically runs $.99. However, through the myAppFree partnership, you can pick Chicken Story 2 VIP up free over the next twenty-four hours.

The game is laid out fairly straightforward with a primary menu that offers you the option to play the game, access the level editor, tap into the game's settings and follow the game on Twitter or Facebook. Game play has two modes, the original multi-level game and a network mode where you can play the user created levels.

Chicken Story 2 VIP

Chicken Story 2's backstory has an evil pack of monkeys trying to steal your eggs. To protect them, you will have to navigate your chicken back to the nest. The physics-based game has you removing ledges, cutting ropes and other actions that will send your chicken towards the nest. Just tap the screen on the object you want to be removed. For example, your chicken may be swinging from a vine and you will need to remove the vine's anchor point at the right moment so your chicken will fall onto the nest.

You will also have to remove any monkeys from the screen. The monkeys can also be used to knock over barricades that are blocking your chicken's safe path to the nest. Just be careful though. If a monkey bounces his way to your nest, you fail the level.

Chicken Story 2 VIP normally runs $.99 but for the next twenty-four hours, through the myAppFree campaign, you can pick the Windows Phone game up free. In playing Chicken Story 2 VIP for a short time this morning, it comes across as an entertaining Windows Phone game to spend a little time with. It has a slight Cut the Rope feel to it but a fun game within its own right.

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  • It is a bug of the Windows 10 Store: It's shows wrong prices. Please report it to Microsoft and/or switch to Windows Phone 8.1 in order to enjoy deals.
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