Chime in: After what happened with Windows Mobile, should Microsoft ditch CEO Nadella?

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Windows 10 Mobile is dead. Microsoft's Satya Nadella made the decision to pull back on the company's mobile efforts, abandoning Windows 10 Mobile and no longer focusing on new features or hardware for the platform. This has angered many Windows phone users, because Windows phone to them was their only viable option.

Now, the remaining Windows phone users have two choices, remain on the dead platform that is Windows 10 Mobile with no new features or hardware, and eventually less and less app support, or make the switch to iOS or Android, which isn't something the remaining Windows phone users want to do.

It's just amazing that Many W10M users are forced to migrate to another platform , am I the only person that thinks Nadella should've put more effort into mobile and uwp? How can your OS be relevant without a mobile platform, the numbers are growing daily about mobile usage , it's how world is connected and how it will be for quite sometime.


We've seen a lot of Windows Mobile fans express outrage at Satya Nadella, claiming that Microsoft should ditch him in favor of someone who has an eye for consumer products and services. It's easy to take it personally — after all, you purposely spent your money on this platform — but it's worth noting that despite the failure of Windows phones, Nadella has done plenty of great work for other parts of Microsoft.

In fact, Microsoft is making more money than ever, pleasing shareholders and increasing profits in Surface, Office and Azure. So we want to know your opinion, would it be a good idea to ditch Satya Nadella after the Windows Mobile debacle? Or is his efforts elsewhere worthy enough that he should be given a pass for the death of Mobile?

Should Microsoft ditch Satya Nadella after Windows 10 Mobile?

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