Chime in: Does the 25th Anniversary ThinkPad's throwback style tickle your fancy?

Thinkpad 25
Thinkpad 25

To honor and celebrate a quarter-decade of ThinkPad supremacy in the business world, Lenovo has made the new ThinkPad 25. This laptop is based on the modern ThinkPad T470, but has some extra features — like an old-school keyboard — that are a throwback to times gone by.

Windows Central Managing Editor Al Sacco recently started a thread in our forum asking whether or not you plan on buying the ThinkPad 25.

Many of us who have used ThinkPads in the past have soft spots for 'em. During the past decade or so, I've at least three different ThinkPads, and though I liked some more than others, I got a whole lot of work done with those badboys. And they were nothing if not reliable, at least when they were new-ish. So the new Lenovo ThinkPad 25 definitely has me thinking about a ThinkPad purchase, just...

Al Sacco

Al goes on to explain that he's had at least three ThinkPads in the past, and each treated him well. So much so that he's considering buying a ThinkPad 25 even though he's satisfied with his Surface Pro.

What do you think? Have you used a ThinkPad in the past? Do you miss the old keyboard and the fabric-y TrackPoint nub? Would you consider picking up the ThinkPad 25, even just for nostalgic reasons? Drop into the forum thread and let Al know what you think!

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