Chime in: Are you STILL sticking with Windows Mobile?

Lumia 950 XL
Lumia 950 XL (Image credit: Windows Central)

Now, with Groove Music throwing in the towel, many users are jumping ship for other mobile platforms. However, some are less quick to switch.

Windows Central forum member abel920 recently created a thread saying that they're standing their ground and sticking with Windows Mobile to the bitter end.

Who else is with me? Till the bitter end we stick together, we will make it through, and we know good things come to those who wait. My 1520 finally crashed and screen shattered, I'm now looking for a 950XL as an upgrade or if I can find an HP x3 for cheap that'll be great too. I don't think WM is a burning and a sinking ship at all, I just think we're in a transitional phase, and there's...


abel920 goes on to say that it's understandable why you'd want to switch to a different platform, and that you might be seduced back when a "new spark has been ignited." Wise words.

There are already a bunch of replies, with some users declaring solidarity, while others are discussing exactly why they left, and at what point. Care to join in? Head over to the forum and let abel920 know whether you're in or out!

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