And one community member is absolutely raving about it.


If you haven't tried it yet, check out the to-do list maker/tracker "Microsoft To-Do." It's a UWP that and has a pretty much seamless interaction between PC and Mobile. It also looks beautiful. It could definitely use some more features and Cortana integration. But I find it very useful! Check it out! ...


To-Do was born from Microsoft's acquisition of Wunderlist, and the similarities between the two are apparent. It looks really nice, it has an app for both PC and mobile, and it's available on Android and iOS.

It's also not the only task manager out there. Even in the Windows Store, there are some great alternatives such as Todoist and third-party app, 2Day. But we want to know what you like and why.

Are you, too, a fan of Microsoft To-Do? Or do you have a better app you want to share with us? Jump into the forums thread below and let us know.

Microsoft To-Do is fantastic