Chime in: Do use Xbox UserVoice to share feedback?

Microsoft seemingly takes feedback from all corners of the internet, with many services and systems updates shaped around consumer demands. Xbox One is a prime example of fan-fueled hardware, with regular free system updates expanding the system's feature set.

Microsoft also takes advantage of UserVoice – a dedicated system for fan feedback, with tools for submitting, reviewing, and voting on various topics. The Xbox UserVoice page allows passionate fans to share thoughts and request new features, in a streamlined forum-style setup. However, with many sticking to social networks, this page is frequently left unnoticed.

One Windows Central forum user drew attention this, questioning why Xbox UserVoice doesn't see wider adoption.

I discovered Xbox uservoice while I was looking for some help related answers and was quite surprised of it's existence. It seems you can propose an idea, vote for it and have others vote for it as well. I imagine the ideas with the largest votes obviously get worked on first. Ideas that are taken become complete and closed. A few ideas that have been used include back compart and even game...


But as always, we want to hear from you. Do you use Xbox UserVoice? If so, why over other channels? For those avoiding the service, also make sure to drop into the post linked below with your thoughts.

From the forums: Why don't more people use Xbox UserVoice?

Matt Brown

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