Chime in: Do you even use Windows 10 notifications?

Notifications are great on our smartphones. They allow us to see what's coming in as it happens, and with the addition of an Action Center, allow us to see everything that we've missed. But on PC, notifications are a different story.

I've been wondering if anyone uses notifications in Windows 10. I find myself just clearing the list all the time without looking at it really cause I'm anyways looking at the apps I work with that usually the notifications listed are old anyway. I've put it in Do Not Disturb me or whatever is called now too because every second or minute something comes in and is annoying. I guess most of my...


I've noticed lots of people say they don't like notifications on Windows. They say notifications are too noisy, and that because of this, they often leave quiet hours on full time just so that notifications don't come through.

I personally love the notifications system on Windows 10, so it's surprising to me how so many people don't want to see notifications on their PC. Do you even use notifications? Let us know in the forums!

Do you use notifications?

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

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